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5 Things You Can Relate With If Have Travelled In Delhi Metro

Traveling in Delhi Metro is a different kind of fun. Delhi Metro is a different kind of world, away from traffic jams and irritating car horns. Delhi Metro is totally different from the world which is outside. Delhi Metro is moving millions of people from one place to another place every day and if that many people travel together, they trigger many unusual things. It may be a day to day thing for you if you travel in the Metro daily, but for not-so-usual travelers, these become the much more fun thing. So here is the list:

1. The First-timers

The First-timersOne of the funniest things in Delhi Metro is to watch the first timers. They seem very fascinated from every aspect of the Metro. You can trace them at the token entry where they take a hell lot of time in order to enter in the station. The regulars might have forgotten that there are a man and a woman who are announcing all the time, but these first timers pay attention to each and every word they say. Some of them are not aware of some unwritten rules like don’t stand near the door at Rajeev Chowk. So from boarding to getting off the train, you can find them struggling in the Metro. But in the end it is fun for everyone. Kids are the exceptions; they are always like the first-timers.

2. The Experts

The ExpertsIf there are first timers, then on the other hand there are a lot of experts. They travel daily in the Metro. They know the best ways to get seats. Only they can charge their phones at the switchboards. Some of them have their partners too; they provide the atmosphere a romantic touch.

3. The Struggle

Some stations are just the arena for the people where on both sides of the gate are the people who are keen to swap their places. But surprisingly everyone wins the fight, the outsiders get in and the insiders get out. But some stations are exceptions, there you have the military type queues to get in.

4. Random Conversations

Random ConversationsIf you are traveling alone in the Metro, don’t worry, you won’t get bored because you can hear so many random conversations around you or have one. The oldies are the champ of this activity. They can provide you a wide range of topic from weather to war. You can enjoy it till your destination. Sometimes these random conversations can be irritating too. You would feel like asking these people to shut their mouths and let you have some peace.

5. The Perfume

The PerfumeIf you travel in the Metro every evening, then your nose must have stopped working by now. But sometimes this evening time can turn into a curse. You can smell 50 different kinds of sweat at the same time. You can be lucky if you find a place nearby the door or the wall but if you are trapped in the middle than your nose can have the toughest time of its life.

Despite of some problems, Delhi Metro is the best. It is fast, cold, calm, clean and regular. It is also good for your pocket. The one thing is true for Delhi Metro “Ek jati hai to dusri aati hai…”

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