5 Most Happening Situations When Songs Actually Make Sense To You

Who in the world doesn’t like Music? Songs are a part of our lives. We might prefer different kinds of music according to our moods. Slow music when we are sad or sleepy, rocking, and loud music when we want to party, and sometimes old songs. We don’t always pay attention to the lyrics of the songs. But there are some situations when the songs just touch our hearts and we can actually feel the lyrics of the songs. Below are some of these situations.

1. First Love

First Love“Pehla pehla pyar hai…pehli pehli bar hai.”…. “Pehli nazar me kaisa jaadu kar diya…”… “ Tum hi ho meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho…” These are the type of songs that you fall in love with when you start loving a person. This doesn’t only happen in the movies, but in real life too. These kinds of songs become your favorite and you start dedicating these to the person you love.

2. After Failing in an Exam

After Failing in an Exam
This is the time when you feel very lonely. Your parents might not be talking to you for some time. You might also feel useless. The dreams that you have seen seems broken in front of you. Songs are your only friend. But the type of songs is different. You will like sad songs like “Chann se jo tute koi sapna…”

3. After Break Up

After Break Up
Break ups are the most painful. You won’t feel like talking to your friends, your parents, your siblings, and cousins. Sad songs seem to be your only support. You can identify with all the songs of betrayal, separation, and anger. You might feel that only the singers of these songs can understand your pain. You and your earphones will become best friends. You might cry even more after listening to these sad songs.

4. After Getting Drunk

After Getting DrunkWhen you get drunk, you might prefer either sad and slow songs or the rocking songs. You will be able to feel the lyrics of each and every song. You will love your friends who are with you even more. You might even get too much emotional after drinking and you would prefer sad songs. There are so many songs based on drinks like ‘4 botal Vodka, kaam mera roz ka’… ‘zara sa jhoom lu mai’… ‘Rum rum wisky’ etc.

5. Achieving something

Achieving somethingPapa kehte hain bada naam karega, beta humara aisa kaam karega….Aaj mai upar, aasman neeche. These are the type of songs that you might love when you have achieved something that you have always wanted in your life like getting a job, clearing some exam, fulfilling the dreams of your parents etc. These songs add to your feeling of victory and satisfaction and you can enjoy more with these songs. You can feel each and every word of such songs at this moment.

Bollywood has songs for all kinds of situations. No matter if you are sad, happy, angry, heart broken or enthusiastic, you will definitely find a Hindi song to suit your mood. When you listen to these sad songs, it might add to your grief also. Without songs, there won’t be any parties; there will be no romance, and no spice in our lives. Bollywood people and especially lyricists seem to understand the Indian audience very well. Therefore, we have a variety of songs for every situation and mood.

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