8 Things That You Can Relate With If You Are a Hostler

People who live in hostels enjoy their student lives the most. Although they are away from home, their family and childhood friends, but they learn a lot of things while living in a hostel. Initially, it seems difficult to adjust in a hostel but later you never want to leave your hostel and your friends. Below are some things that only the hostlers can understand.

1. Craving for Mom’s Food

maa-ke-haath-ka-khaana-glass-framed-posterMess food seems boring, monotonous and tasteless after some days. It is the time when you realize the importance of the food cooked at your home. Food cooked by your mother is something that you miss the most. When you go home, you get a special treatment, everybody pays attention to you, you won’t get scolded for anything and your mom cooks everything you like.

2. Late Night Sleeping Habit

boys-hostelThere is nobody at the hostel to stop you from watching movies late at night, gossiping with your friends at midnight. So hostlers develop the habit of sleeping very late at night. It sometimes becomes a problem when you are home because everybody sleeps at 10 and you will be sitting sleeplessly like an owl.

3. Warden is your Enemy

wardenAll the hostlers certainly hate their wardens. Wardens are the only ones creating problems for the hostlers. The days when the warden is not there in the hostel are the best days. Only then you can have a sound sleep.

4. Partying every week

PartyHostlers don’t need a festival to celebrate. Every occasion becomes an excuse for partying. Break ups, Patch ups, Passing an exam, Coming back from home, Talking to your crush, everything becomes a reason for a party.

5. Washing Clothes

This is something that you never do at your home. You learn to wash clothes only in a hostel. This is actually the most difficult task. You keep piling up the dirty clothes until you have none left in your closet to wear. One day, you gather all the courage you have and with a heavy heart, wash all your clothes.

6. Cooking at your room

CookingYou also learn to cook, if not everything then at least Maggie, tea and coffee. These become the necessity when you are hungry at 12 o’clock at nigh, you won’t get anything to eat. Cooking at your own room is the only thing that you can do. Heaters and induction plates help a lot.

7. Struggle for washroom

Every morning you have to struggle for a washroom. You are never used to share a washroom with so many people. This is something that happens in every hostel.

8. Skipping bath

Morning classes are a curse for the hostlers. Sleeping so late and getting early in the morning is impossible. If you want to attend the morning classes, then definitely you should not waste your time in taking a bath. What are perfumes made for!

These are some things that day scholars can never learn and enjoy. The time spent in a hostel become the most memorable time of your life. You can never get such friends, fun, and freedom anywhere. Hostlers develop a different world in the hostel for themselves apart from the college. So three cheers to all the hostlers and their hostel lives filled with fun!

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