7 Funny Things about South Indian Movies

South Indian movies are as popular as Hindi Bollywood movies today. They have become the USP of Hindi movie channels. There are certain things that the Hindi audience find very funny about these South Indian movies. Below are some of these funny things.

1. The Names

RagadaThe Names of the South Indian movies are the funniest when translated into Hindi like “Main Hoon Rakhwala”, “No.1 Mr. Perfect”, “King No.1”, “Mai Karunga Insaaf” etc. Don’t always go on the names, though, some movies are actually good. For some comedy South Indian movies, only the name is enough to make the audience laugh.

2. Action Sequences

The exaggerated action sequences are the specialty of South Indian Movies. Rajnikant jumping from one train to another, a million rupees flying in the air, the hero of the film fighting with 100 villains alone. These are the common scenes in such movies. These epic fight scenes sometimes become the comic scenes for the audience.

3. Body Made of Stones

ShivajiSouth Indian movies don’t have heroes, they have superheroes. They can fight with thousands of bad men alone and sometimes even without a weapon. If the villain hits the hero, the villain can himself get hurt, but the hero will be super fine. It seems as if his body is made of steel or rock. After all, he is the Super Hero!

4. One Punch is Enough

www.hdfinewallpapers.comOne strong Punch by the Hero and you will see the villains flying in the air. A Punch of a South Indian movie hero is enough even to kill the villains. Even the Hollywood superheroes can’t compete with our heroes. Batman, Superman, Flash, and hulk, all these don’t even stand a chance in front of our South Indian heroes.

5. Huge Heroines

south-indian-actress-wallpapersSouth Indian heroines are not crazy for having a zero figure. These are tall and chubby, unlike our Bollywood heroines. Especially Malayalam and Tamil actresses are really chubby and curvy. Exceptions are there like Tamanna Bhatia and Asin. But the audience loves them the way they are.

6. Too Many Plots

Jeene Nahi DungaYou will never know what the genre of the movie is! There is the comedy, romance action in every South Indian movie. These are complete ‘Masala Movies’. Their only purpose is entertainment. So they mix up many genres and create a masala movie.

7. Sexy Belly

desktopThere is no six or eight 8 pack body of the heroes. Even without being fit, these heroes manage to fight so many villains, dance with heroines and impress the audience. Most of these heroes have mustaches. These heroes generally look middle aged. Sometimes all these chubby South Indian heroes look the same. But this can offend south Indian movie fans.
No matter how funny these things can be, no matter how unrealistic these movies might seem, South Indian movies continue to entertain the Indian audience. The actors and actresses of South Indian movies like Rajnikant, Nagarjuna, Asin, Namita, Tamanna Bhatia are appreciated by the audience for their acting a lot.

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