5 Must Do Things To Impress A Girl

Do you think you know girls very well? Do you think impressing a girl is a game? Dude, you are mistaken then. You might know what are the things that you can do to impress her, but more important are the things, which you should never do. These things might piss her off and you will lose your only chance of becoming her boyfriend. She might strike your name off the friends list even if you do these annoying things. Below are some DON’Ts that can help you out in impressing the girl of your dreams.

1. Don’t Stalk


This is the very first thing that you should keep in mind. There is not much difference between a stalker and a spy. A girl needs her space. Don’t try to follow where ever she goes. If you stalk her, you might be one of those in her hate list.

2. Talk Less, Listen More

ListenToHerDreamsGirls tend to love the guys who are more of listeners rather than talkers. You might get irritated by her useless talks sometimes, but the best thing would be to keep mum and keep going. Try to pretend that you love to see her talk her heart out even if you want to shut her mouth sometimes. She might talk a lot, unbearably lot, but if you bear it now, you can be her partner for the time to come.

3. Don’t be too touchy

touchyHolding hands all the time, pulling her cheeks and patting her. These are the worst things to do. You might seem desperate to her. This will kill your chances of impressing her. Keeping a little distance might help in creating a good image in her eyes. She might fall for a decent guy like that. Not all girls like macho men!

4. Don’t boast about your ex-girlfriends

Topics-To-Talk-About-LifeHacksMagGirls hate it when guys talk about their ex. Even worse would be to compare your crush with your ex. She might not even see your face again in her life. Your ex is going to be her biggest enemy if she likes you. So be careful! Don’t piss her off.

5. Don’t ask too much about her ex

o-ANGRY-WOMAN-facebook“How did you guys break up? You thought he is handsome? You actually loved him?” These are ridiculous questions to be asked to your crush. Don’t even mention the name of her ex; behave as if he never existed. This is definitely going to help. Talking about her ex might frustrate her and you can end up losing the talking terms too. So try to live in the present and forget about her past.

Don’t try to be a hero. Girls are not mad for superheroes. Sometimes they only want Guys who care for them and value their feelings. Don’t try to show off your macho man skills all the time. Simplicity, care, and affection can also work sometimes. Try to be her best buddy and she will be yours.

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