12 Similarities Between Indian and Pakistani Punjabs

Indian Punjab and Pakistani Punjab are more or less like the same person standing in from of a mirror. Everything that is characterised by Punjab is also a major feature of its twin in Pakistan. Separated by a line of control, these two regions were forced to be apart in 1947 but the overall quality of life and nature in both these areas is absolutely identical.

1. Language

Punjabi is spoken by both, Indian Punjabis and Pakistani Punjabis. A little hint of Urdu or its accent may be seen in the spoken words of Pakistani Punjabis; yet, the essence of Punjabi language is the same in both the regions.

2. Land

Pakistan’s Punjab is fed by the rivers passing through India, i.e. Indus and its tributaries. The area is made equally fertile with alluvial soil in Pakistan as is in the Indian state of Punjab. Sowing, cultivation and harvesting is done at the same time and even the types of crops grown are exactly the same.

3. Dress

punjabi dress1Women in Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab love fulkari. They wear shiny salwar kameez while men are dressed in Kurta pajama along with a turban. A foreigner visiting these two regions cannot make out the difference between the civilians of the two border areas.

4. Culture and Music

punjabi dress12All the events which take place in these two areas are celebrated in the same lively way. Gidda and Bhangra are prevalent while Punjabi folk music is loved by all. Loud music with high tempo beats is played during marriages and the weddings have a common celebrative value.

5. Food

makki_di_roti_sarson_da_saagThere is no difference at all in the mix of food and flavours served on an Indian Punjabi table and a Pakistani Punjabi table. The spices and veggies used in the dishes are the same. Even the names of the dishes are same most of the times. Also, people of both these places love non-vegetarian delicacies.

6. Bollywood

Sunny-Deol-in-movies-seen-hd-picturesPakistan loves Bollywood movies. Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab adore Bollywood celebrities. This is the only trait where both don’t have different views. Friday is as packed for theatres in Indian Punjab as is in Pakistan and it becomes an add-on advantage when a Salman Khan movie is being played.

7. Corruption

cartoon-3-colorBeing in the Indian subcontinent, the two nations cannot escape the evil of corruption. Both sides of the Wagah Border are abundant in corruption creeping deeper into their systems. The common Punjabi of India and Pakistan wants this vice to be removed from its root but this dream seems far from possible in the real world.

8. NRI culture

canada-balraj-feel-punjabi-lates-1024x576There are innumerable Indians and Pakistanis residing in other nations of the world. Most of these NRIs belong to Punjab regions of the two countries. Surprisingly, they live together in harmony with each other, outside their respective nations, which is something very important to be learnt by the natives as well.

9. Big Hearts

baisakhi1Punjabis are extremely generous in character, be it the eastern side of the border or the western side. People in Punjab have long been held closely with the knots of love, care and kindness. This one feature is seen in their cultural belief in the ideology of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

10. Loud Character

Harbhajan-Singh-During-A-Cricket-MatchA loud character reflects the munificence of the people of Punjab. As mentioned above, these people are quite generous and this is why they do everything in a grand manner. From parties to just talking to a neighbour, their loud character is quite evident and anyone can easily make out if it’s a Punjabi or not, yet the nationality cannot be easily known.

11. Patriotism

Sunny-Deol-in-movies-seen-hd-picturesPeople of Pakistani Punjab left India with their choice and have still retained their belief in their motherland in the same way as Indian Punjabis have. Pakistani Punjabis love and respect their country in the same manner as Indian Punjabis love India. Their spirit of nationalism is quite strong towards their particular countries.

12. Cricket

Pollock_to_HusseyThe love for cricket of both the nations is not hidden at all. Cricket tournaments are actually battle arenas for Indo-Pak cold war. People at both these places are crazy for cricket and cheer for their respective teams in the same way as they pray to their Gods before exams. The game becomes intense and a matter of national importance when there is a match between India and Pakistan.

The similarities between these two nations may not break the great barrier of border between the two nations, yet, it has brought the people of the Punjab twins close by heart and character. The two stand far apart as reflections of each other.

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