Sonu Nigam Defends Radhe Maa, Tweeted Kali Maa wears Lesser Clothes

After a series of drama done by the self-proclaimed God woman “Radhe Maa” these days, the renowned singer Sonu Nigam has stood up for her and gave multiple reasons supporting that according to him are completely justified. Commenting on the amount of clothes, the 42-year old actor stated that the Indian Goddess Kaali Maa wears fewer clothes than Radhe Maa, which is completely ok for the vast Hindu community since years. Moreover, the Digambar Jains roam free of clothes for their religious reasons, which is also accepted in our tradition for so long. The singer asks if these things are happening like since eternity, then why people are so obsessed with Radhe Maa.

After a series of tweets, Sonu was seen uploading a lengthy Facebook post as a justification. This is what he said, “”We have issues with her dancing on songs, most dancers like Hema Malini, portray Durga ballet on stage regularly. So? Big Deal? If her devotees have no issues with it, why should we be bothered?”
Sonu further conveyed that she don’t know her or met her. But Radhe Maa is someone’s daughter, someone’s wife and someone’s mother.
Radhe Maa, originally called as Sukhwinder Kaur came to the attention of social media when the photos of her in a red mini skirt went viral over the Internet two weeks ago. The lady was accused of driving a farmer family to suicide when she couldn’t fulfill her promise. Moreover, “Radhe Maa” has also been involved in a dowry harassment case which further questions her image as a divine superpower.

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