5 Replies By A Girl Which Are Worse Than “I hate you”

“I hate you” sounds the worst reply that you can get from any girl, but you are mistaken. There are some replies which are worse than ‘I hate you’ and can make you feel disgusted. Most of you must have heard such replies at some point of your life. Below are some replies which will make you feel like shit for a moment that you might feel to never see the face of that girl ever again in life.

1. We are good friends

We are good friends

Although friendship is known to be the first step for love (only in the 90s), but it is becoming frustrating now. Being put into friend zone by your crush is the worst feeling and it kills the hope of turning her into your girlfriend. When the only thing you want to hear is ‘yes’ from your crush and she says that you are just a ‘good friend’, you feel like a douchebag.

2. It’s OK

It’s OK

When you have had a fight and just for the sake of formality the girl says “It’s Ok” (indirectly it’s not okay), is the most irritating thing because the rude replies and ‘Nakhre’ even after this reply always exist. You always know that it is not at all OK. Remember Pyar ka Punchnama… “Happy woman is a myth”.

3. You know I love you…But

You know I love you...But

What the hell! Always diplomatic and contradictory replies…
“You know that I love you, but I don’t think it can work out between the two of us.”
“I love you, but you know my family”
“…But I have reasons”
“…But being together for a lifetime is something different”
This BUT puts a full stop to every love story. And girls use it as a weapon to defend themselves.

4. I can’t imagine you as my Boyfriend

I can’t imagine you as my Boyfriend

“I have never thought about you in that way.” This is the most common reply that you will get from girls after you propose them with all your heart. Although the girl might know that you like her for a long time, the reply is going to be the same. If she is not interested in you, this is the signal. There is no point of insisting or asking her to think again because a direct rejection would definitely hurt more.

5. From “How are you” to “Who are you”

Starcast Of Upcoming Movie Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

It is important to know if she is interested in you or not before proposing a girl. If she is not interested, “Get lost” is what you are going to hear. And this is definitely going to hurt your self-esteem. You will lose your friendship as well. She might even refuse to recognise you in the future. You are not going to forget neither the girl nor the reply.

These are a few replies that hurt every guy. But girls are girls; they can never cease to crush the self-respect of guys under their heels. So be ready to bear these rude replies but get disheartened. There are many more girls out there!

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