No Alimony Because You Have Sex With Another Man – Madras HC to Divorced Woman

In our country, where every single politician has his own agendas to get benefited financially or in any other form, the citizens slowly start to have more faith in our legal system or say in our High Courts and the Apex courts. But, it seems that the courts are not also indifferent with our so-called leaders. Recently, a stir was created when Madras High Court advised a rape survivor to marry the guy, who raped her and granted bail to the guy to convince the girl for the same. This time, the same institution of justice pass an order, which says that a divorced woman won’t be eligible for alimony if she had sex with another man.

Madras High CourtJustice S. Nagamuthu, who was hearing the matter said that a woman should maintain her discipline even after the divorce if she wants to get an alimony from her husband. The Justice said that a woman who is having a sexual relationship after the divorce can’t claim for maintenance. Justice Nagamuthu saw woman’s behaviour against the “sexual obligation”, which she is supposed to abide by even after the divorce.

Giving the judgement Justice said, “Since a man carries an obligation to maintain his divorced wife, the woman also carries the obligation not to live in relationship with another man. If she commits breach… she will suffer disqualification from claiming maintenance… If she wants to live in relationship with another man, she may be entitled to maintenance from him and not from the former husband.”
In a country where woman is being objectifying for ages, rapes are as common as any other crime, sexual assault have never been a matter of worry, domestic rapes are considered as a right of husband, what we can expect from the institutions of justice.

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