9 Uses Of Toothpaste You Didn’t Know

Toothpaste is one of the most common things which we all have in our houses. But, not all of us know that toothpaste can also be used for other purposes than just cleaning our teeth. So, here is a list of 9 uses of toothpaste you didn’t know that your toothpaste can do.

1. Repair CDs or DVDs with small scratches using toothpaste


Small scratches can be removed from CDs or DVDs using toothpaste. Put a small amount and rub it with a cotton or microfiber cloth. This works best with small scratches and a small amount should be used since using too much will just make the problem worse.

2. Stain remover for clothes


Toothpaste can remove the most difficult stains from clothes. Lipstick stains, juice stains and sauce stains or any other kind of stain on the cloth. Just apply toothpaste directly onto the stain, rub rigorously and put it into the washing machine. Be careful not to use whitening toothpaste on colored clothes.

3. Deodorant for drink container

Deodorant for drink container

Plastic bottles and thermoses that are used again and again start to smell bad after several uses. Washing them with detergent and water doesn’t work but toothpaste remove all the bad smell better than anything else. Simply brush the inside of the container with toothpaste and wash it with water.

4. Hazy headlight cleaner

Hazy headlight cleanerThe headlights of vehicles get hazy and scratched over the time, which decreases the brightness of the lamps. To remove that haze clean the headlight with soap and water then just buff it with the toothpaste followed by a polishing pad or cloth.

5. Scratch remover for mobile screens

Scratch remover for mobile screens

Mobile phones and gaming consoles which are not protective with screen guard can get scratches over the time from being used. To remove the stains gently rub the screen with toothpaste on a cotton cloth. Then wipe the screen clean with a second cloth.

6. To sparkle clean the sink

To sparkle clean the sink

A sink is one of the dirtiest places in a house, but with your toothpaste you can make it sparkle clean. Just take a soft cloth and put some toothpaste in the sink now rub it around the sink using the soft cloth then wash it with water to get a sparkling clean sink.

7. Removes bad odor from hands (Work Great For Smokers)

Removes bad odor from hands (Work Great For Smokers)

When we have a heavy odor of onion or any other stinking food which won’t go away with soap it can be removed using toothpaste. Just use toothpaste like soap put some in your hand and rub gently. Then apply some lotion or moisturizer afterward.

8. Remove crayon from wall

Remove crayon from wall

Well, every kid gets creative after getting a crayon in hand and start portraying their creativity on the walls. Now get those crayons off the wall using toothpaste. Just put some toothpaste on the wall and start scrubbing it with some rag or scrubber and the crayon will be off the wall in no time.

9. Cleans permanent marker stains off the wood

Cleans permanent marker stains off the wood

Got some stains of permanent marker on wood? No problem. Just use some toothpaste. Put some toothpaste on the stains then scrub it with some old toothbrush or a scrubber then wipe it with a wet cloth or tissue. The wood will be as good as before the stain.

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