5 Things You Can Relate With If You Have An Old Bike

There are many belongings, which have our sentimental values attached and an old bike is one of such things. No matter how old your bike is, it works properly or not or you have to take it to a mechanic every now and then, your bike remains your favourite. Below are some of the things that you can relate with if you have an old bike.

1. Mechanic Becomes Your Best Friend

seshan-picYour old bike would definitely need a mechanic in almost every 10 days. So the mechanic becomes your friend. You will start asking him to charge less every time you visit him with your bike. He might tell you several times that your bike is about to die, but you will never be willing to sell it.

2. You Know Your Limits

MS Dhoni riding a bulletYou know your bike very well by now. So you must know that you can’t go on a road trip to Ladakh with this bike of yours. The bike might ditch you any moment and you won’t be getting it repaired every now and then. But still you won’t hate your bike for this. The bike will always remain close to your heart.

3. You Still Hesitate In Lending It To Anybody

alex-pettyfer-motorcycle-teaching-friend-05No matter how old the bike is, no matter in how bad condition it is, you will still hesitate in lending it to anybody who is not close to you. People might make fun of you for holding a rickety bike so close and dear, but only you know the worth of your bike. Even you lend it to somebody, you will ask them a number to times to ride carefully and minute details about its intricacies. People might get irritated too, but you will still do it every time you lend it to someone.

4. Can’t Bear A Scratch Even Till Now

maxresdefault (14)The bike might be old and needs repairing frequently, but you still cannot bear a scratch on it. Even a little scratch hurts as if it is the brand new bike. You will take proper care of it, wash it every Sunday. You yourself might avoid taking a bath one day, but your bike will be cleaned without missing a single day. Even after so many years, you won’t adopt a carefree attitude towards your bike.

5. Memories

RX_100You will definitely have a lot of memories attached to this bike. In your college days, you must have had several road trips on it. Your father must have threatened you of taking away your bike, you must have spent all your pocket money for the petrol for the bike. You will never feel like selling it off and even if you do you will always feel nostalgic about it.

An old bike is something that will always hold close to you. You will crave for buying a brand new bike of new model and design but not at the cost of selling off your old one!

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