It seems like the government has watched Big Bang Theory many times; only thing is that they have taken out the “G” from “Bang” and have started religiously adopting “Big Ban Theory” in India. From beef to porn, the Government has taken on itself to ban each and everything that probably the officials don’t indulge in (except porn which is a prerequisite in the parliament). Here is a list of things that have been banned under the leadership of Modi Ji.

1. Beef Ban in Maharashtra

bannedAll the beef lovers in Maharashtra, you need to have INR 10,000 money or 5 years of time to spend in Jail if you want to relish beef in the state. That is the punishment of consuming or possessing beef in Maharashtra.

2. Ban on India’s Daughter

4 (1)If there is something wrong happening in our country, it should be brought to public notice so that awareness spreads. But the government officials think the other way. India’s Daughter which showed the thinking of a rapist was banned on the pretext that the documentary showed India in poor light and then claimed that filmmaker had not obtained the required permissions. It is a human tendency to get attracted to things that are not within their reach and the same was the case here. The documentary, despite the ban, had gone viral on the Internet.

3. Bans by Censor Board

Screen-Shot-2015-01-29-at-6.09.52-am-2.pngIndia, the land of Kamasutra, is yet to evolve when it comes to talking/watching adult movies with nudity. Despite toning down the sexual content of the film, the film was not released by the Censor Board. Well, haven’t they heard of Torrent?
Central Board of Film Certification issued a list of all the ‘bad’ words that would be banned in the movies.
Whoever watched the AIB roast, thoroughly enjoyed it and understood that it was all for fun. However, the government didn’t agree and imposed a ban on this humorous stand-up and agreed.
So Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech is there in the constitution book and not to be implemented to the full extent.

4. Ban on Porn (which has been partially revoked now)

feministingindiaphoto (1)On Saturday, 31 July 2015, the people of India slept to a new forceful measure. The Indian Government had asked Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to more than 800 pornographic websites. While the government has its own reasons to block access, this measure is a violation of article 21 (Protection of personal liberty). The government seems to have forgotten the fact that more than 2.8 million people are employed in the IT industry in India and we are a country of Jugaad. If people want to watch porn despite the ban, there are alternate means of access to porn sites through proxy servers. What will be the government’s step on that? It will definitely be difficult to make Indians stop watching porn as, according to PornHub, Indians are among the most prolific consumers of Pornography on the internet. Will this bizarre act of the government be successful in making people of India stop watching porn? I don’t think so. If this is to happen, how will our politicians spend time in parliament?

What I feel as a citizen of India needs to be banned are the following:
1) Ban the politicians to comment on rape for whenever they open their mouth, that brings more disgrace to nation than India’s Daughter Documentary
2) Ban people from littering so that Swach Bharat Abhiyan could be properly implemented. Right now it has become Swachch Internet Abhiyan
3) Ban the politicians who are illiterate and/or have past crime records
I feel that these bans to begin with will bring a drastic positive change in India rather than the bans that have been implemented since Modi government came to power.

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