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The methods of bootlegging have improved just as the technology has. From VHS tapes to Torrents, piracy is one stubborn villain that does not go away. But when did all start? Which film was the first ever bootlegged film in India? The answer would be ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ in 1994.

2eb5e84ab8ca84eb31b630f208c6c0b887ad4b5aBack in those days, film producers used to release video tapes of their films along with the theatrical release but it was Sooraj Barjatya who decided not to release the home video before ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ completes its theatrical run. That resulted to the first ever bootlegged or as we say ‘Camera Print’ video cassette of the film. Piracy had just been born.

From there it soon transformed into better formats such as VCD and later DVD but not once did the piracy stop or took a break from robbing film producers because the consumers themselves didn’t care about the quality and embraced it (Watch a latest film for free? Hey! Why not?).

When raids at video markets looked like a solution to stop piracy just then it became all the more convenient to fetch latest films and the magic word was DOWNLOAD. With torrents getting available online on the same day the film releases, it’s quite a challenge to put a stop to this.

heres-why-the-netflix-for-pirated-movies-is-probably-illegalAccording to studies commissioned by the Motion Picture Distributors’ Association (MPDA), the local office of the Hollywood Motion Picture Association (MPA), India accounts for maximum film piracy in any English-speaking country if one goes by the number of broadband subscribers. Overall, India is the fourth largest downloader of films after the US, Great Britain and Canada, according to the MPDA’s Internet piracy studies.

When torrent sites got banned (for a while) in march 2013, it didn’t change anything because one could easily change the proxy from ztunnel.com or any other anonymous proxy site and can access the blocked site.

Is there no way all IP addresses that have downloaded the film could be tracked? If it’s going to take too long and fail in the end than what can be done to put this monster down. Maybe, if there’s no perfect solution a mere precaution to bring a change.

Films are becoming more and more immersive. One of the reasons why Hollywood is making more 3D films is that they cannot be captured through a camcorder or mobile camera. There is no way a camera could record a 3D projection and retain the 3rd dimension or convert it back to 2D.

The flip side to this arrangement is 3D is a gimmick that works on certain genres and cannot enhance anything extra in films like Barfi or Gangs of Wasseypur. So until they find a perfect weapon to kill this beast, we will question our conscience before searching for the next movie torrent.

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