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5 Reasons Why Parle-G is the best biscuit

Thousands of new biscuit brands are launched every year. But Parle-G remains the king of biscuits. Even the biscuits with fancy wrappings, multiple flavours, huge advertising and large investments have not been able to beat Parle-G. It is a 73-year-old brand which was launched in 1939. Parle-G still maintains its position as one of the best biscuit among children, youth and even old. Below are a few things that make it everyone’s favourite biscuit brand.

1. Best combo with tea

Parle G with teaIf you are fond of tea then you will definitely understand the value of Parle-G. For generations, people in India have enjoyed these biscuits with tea and coffee. Nobody dips a “Dark fantasy” or “Hide n Seek” in tea. Parle-G remains the favourite of people who like tea. If anybody talks about “Chai-Biscuit”…It is obviously a combo of tea and Parle-G.

2. Still affordable

Parle_G_New_10-things-indian-kids-never-outgrowParle-G is still available at quite a reasonable price. It seems that the company has taken good care of the pockets of its customers. In a scenario where the prices of many biscuit brands have gone up to Rs. 50 per packet, you can get a pack of Parle-G Rs.10. Every stratum of the society can afford these biscuits.

3. Quality and Quantity

Parle G old packIn a pack of biscuits where you get only 6 biscuits in a pack, Parle-g gives you at least 10. So even if you are short of money sometimes and need something filling, Parle-G is there. Since it is a Glucose biscuit, you get nutrition as well as taste. There is multi-grain and high-fibre biscuit in the market today, but no other brand has been able to beat the market of Parle-G. It has never compromised with its quality even in such competitive market scenario. It has never played on the trust of its loyal customers.

4. No makeover

parle-gluco-1976Since 73 years, there is hardly any change in the packing or taste of the biscuit. It comes with the same white and yellow wrapping with the same picture of a girl on it. Along with the looks and taste, Parle-G has also managed to maintain its quality. The high nutrition value of these biscuits hasn’t changed a bit.

5. Nostalgic

parle-g-the-journey-of-a-biscuit-for-massesMost of us and even our parents have childhood memories associated with Parle-G. Just like ‘Maggie’, people have sentimental values attached to Parle-G. Even in small towns and villages where you cannot find anything at the shops to eat, Parle-G will be there. It has the simplest packing and flavour but still people in India and even in abroad love it. If you ask anybody about Parle-G, the answer would be the same “I have been eating Parle-G since childhood.”

whos-that-girlNo matter how fancy, expensive and cream biscuits enter the Indian market, Parle-G remains the best biscuit brand across India now and it will be so for many more years.

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