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‘Freedom is the absolute truth”, find out the complete answer through this mesmerizing video

We read about freedom, talk about freedom, dream about freedom and rejoice in the nation of freedom. But, do we know, what is the meaning of real ‘Freedom’?

The question to oneself is not so coiled neither very tough to answer. Still, it is colossal!

Giving a pure and beautiful answer to this question, “Being Indian” have come ahead with the best Independence Day Dance Performance video with inspirational, on the other side, poignant lines written under the tag of ‘The Tiranga’.

Celebrating anniversary of Indian Independence, this popular video will surely evoke some sense of thoughtfulness and comprehension in you about our living and understanding of freedom. The story of TIRANGA is not just a tri-color band, it is much more than that. It retains value of patriotism, freedom fighters, their pain and hecatomb in the favor of Indians.

Artistic portrayal of Tricolor message to Indians through this video through a prominent dance form of the country is certainly the best narration form. Henceforth, if has the power to speak with its citizens through this clip.. it would teach us to be a little more appreciative of freedom than we are!

..Its not about how much freedom you receive?

But how much do you make of the freedom that you take?

at the end of the

is just a

lines on a map

And I am just a flag

A simple piece of

are nothing but mere ideas…….

…..So RISE

Because If every decade were counted as an hour

From the stroke of midnight

When we first awoke to life and freedom

We are now embracing the sunrise

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