7 Things That Show India Is Still Not Independent

After 68 years of independence from the British rule, India cannot call itself completely independent. We, as a nation, are being destroyed slowly by a lot of weapons which, if not diffused on time, may prove to be quite disastrous for our future and may even take us back to the time of slavery before 1947. A few things which show that India is still not entirely free from the dominant rule are given below.

1. Terrorism

359_30_2008-it-year-in-pictures-terrorist-attacks-in-mumbai-jpg1The biggest power enslaving India today is terrorism. Terrorism has shaken India innumerable times and is still a very sensitive issue all over. We cannot be fully independent until and unless this evil dies out completely. Terrorism is enslaving, not only India but, many nations across the world.

2. High Prices

General Economy As Consumer Price Inflation SlowsInflation has been on a rise in the 21st century and the effects of the same are brutal. Because of such high commodity prices, people have committed suicide for not being able to provide the basic amenities to their families. This is why we cannot have a free India until we balance our budgets properly.

3. Poverty

Even after 68 years of independence, India is still buried under the enormous pressure of poverty. The increasing amount of people entering the below poverty line category is an indication that we still do not have complete freedom from misery. Poverty is eating India’s growth slowly but steadily.

4. Corruption

corruption-indiaCorruption is another very important aspect of not being completely independent. It is this corrupt trait of the countrymen that our nation is heading towards a huge revolution wherein one day all this will come to a brutal end and that is when India will celebrate the freedom to the fullest.

5. Social evils

child-marriageSocial evils have been a part of the Indian society for centuries now and are still being practiced on a large scale in the country. Logical and open thinking are limited to a few urban areas while others are still lying miserably in its darkness of such evils. These need to be gotten rid of which is actually a difficult task for a diverse nation like India.

6. Incompetency

uttarakhand4_1372152706Incompetency in terms of not being able to fight against natural calamities or not being able to deal with them effectively is also an enslaving factor for India. Efficiency and preparedness are required to become liberated from this nation munching bug. Incompetency has a much wider scope for India otherwise as well.

7. Illiteracy

teachindia2Although government has come up with various plans to educate the masses, yet, there are a lot of people who are still illiterate and their ignorance has proved to be a reason for their failure to match the standards of a comfortable world. Education is important, not only for qualification purpose but also for acquiring general know-how.

There is an urgent need to look upon these matters in detail and work to get rid of them as soon as possible so that we can hoist our national flag on 15th of August every year without any fears or guilt in our hearts.

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