10 Things That Show You Are a True Indian

Patriotism has gained a new dimension in the recent times. Singing patriotic songs, holding small national flags, raising nationalistic slogans, etc. have been overpowered by modern day ways of celebrating nationality. These distinctively true Indian features are:

1. Our food- Spices

1439138721SpicyWe not only eat spices, we love them! If a dish has no spices in it, it has no meaning for our tongue. To add a little more, street food is our national food and we really don’t get sick after eating it. Not to forget the infamous tea or ‘Chai’. We can drink chai at any time of the day for any number of times. Even our chai contains some spices!

2. Love The Neighbour

DSC_0848We truly love our neighbours. This affinity is so much that we call our neighbours before relatives in case of any trouble or a happy event. Neighbours are also our emergency supplies providers. Sugar, milk, salt, mosquito repellent, well, they have it all and we feel no shame or hesitation in asking them for such stuff at any time of the day.

3. Indigestible secrets

shutterstock_107247383First of all, we keep our secrets in our stomachs. Secondly, we are unable to digest every single one of them. Keeping secrets just to ourselves is a very big problem for Indians. Secrets should be told to everyone with the condition of not passing them on to anyone; ironically Indian. If you can keep secrets to yourself by any chance, try checking your passport again.

4. Filters low to high

flipkart-online-shoppingFor any kind of shopping, we use just one filter and that filter is ‘Prices- Low to High’. We want the best like the rest but the rupee is an important currency for us and letting them go too easily is not a sane decision. If you set your filter the same as above while shopping online, you are indeed a true Indian.

5. Bling

BlingWe Indians wear more bling on a usual day than that worn by a total of five Hollywood rappers on a concert night. We want bling in everything and our eyes don’t get bored seeing too much around. Weddings and other such events become a starry trail with expensive shiny stuff all over.

6. No ‘on time’

SMCS042_1430916420This one is the most famous trait of a true Indian. If you are on time at any said place, you may be thrown out of the country soon. Indians are never on time and we accept this fact quite proudly. No event starts on time ‘cause no one reaches on any event on time. We respect ‘samay’ from the Tv series of Mahabharata but being disciplined about it is yet to be learnt.

7. Bollywood

headlineOur veins have more of Bollywood than blood in it. Our love for Bollywood has been witnessed, not only by Indians residing in India but also by NRIs representing us worldwide. We believe that every Bollywood star is a part of our family and we talk about their personal lives in the same way.

8. Bargaining

bargainingMoney is a form of Goddess for us and we pray it with all our heart. Bargaining is a birth right of every Indian and we do it everywhere, whether possible or not. Even fixed price shops can’t escape this aspect of the consumers in India. From a heavily priced product to a pack of napkins, bargaining is a very important part of shopping for Indians.

9. Vehicles of the nation

AutoRickshawIf you haven’t experienced a ride on an auto-rickshaw over the bumpy Indian roads, you should probably shift to Dubai. This is one thing that cannot be missed by a true Indian. Also, we are still crazy about the lowest-priced cars in the market, be it Maruti 800 or the all new Tata Nano, we adore these little carriages.

10. English obsession

english-vinglish-wallpaper-02Britishers ruled us for 200 years and after 68 years of independence, we are still obsessed with English language. If someone in India knows how to read, write or speak English, he/she is considered quite knowledgeable, no matter how broken their Hindi is. This is also one of the most important criterions to select brides and grooms for arranged marriages as well.

A lot has been said about Indians and their habits on the international level. What we do may not be too common for the masses of the world but whatever it is; we do it with great pride and humility in our hearts at the same time. We are weird, funny, strange, lovable, caring, strict, stubborn, and affectionate and we are proud to be Indians.

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