10 Images that Show the Pain of Partition

Indians paid a big prize to get their Independence, in the form of Pakistan, but worse was the genocide, which happened due to this partition. Lacs of people shifted from both the sides and there was an anger of leaving everything behind at a few places this anger became more violent and took lives. The another reason behind the massacre was the hunger and poverty, many died in the process of finding their own land. Margaret Bourke-White an American photographer captured this tragedy, here are the images

1. Train to Pakistan

Partition 1After the announcement of the partition, people starting migrating, Hindus and Sikhs to India and Muslims to Pakistan and this migration created a huge stir in the nation. This is an image of a train, which is carrying refugees from newly formed Pakistan.

2. A Journey to New Home

Partition 2Over 10 million people left their homes for their country in and hope of a new home, mostly were doing this on foot or bullocks.

3. Left to Die

Partition 3There were a majority children and old people participating in this shuffle and they were then abandoned by their caravans in the hands of faith.

4. Corpses on Both Sides

Partition 4There is an unofficial death toll of above one million. People were slaughtered in the name of religion, one of the biggest massacre of history.

5. Partition took a toll

Partition 5India, a newly independent country and Pakistan, a newly formed nation, both was not ready to control such a condition and British were in a hurry to leave the country, which allowed to get things worse.

6. Corpses for Vultures

Partition 6The death toll was so high that officials were not even able to cremate bodies, sometimes they used kerosene and sometimes they just left the corpses for vultures and dogs.

7. No Past No Present No Future

Partition 7Those who were migrating from their land already lost their past and there was no future visible.

8. Mass Cremation

Partition 8There was a fear of spreading of diseases because of the dead bodies all over the place. Villagers started doing mass cremation using oil and kerosene as wood was scarce.

9. A Migration of Human Misery

Partition 9Bourke-White wrote that the migration was a “massive exercise in human misery.”

10. Homeless Families without Support

Partition 10Most of the men were killed in the religious riots leaving unsupported families, homeless and without the food.

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