7 Things you can relate with if you have failed an exam

Failing in an exam is not less than a breakup. The trauma, taunts, scolding and advice after the failure is something that you are never going to forget, but you are not the only one who went through all this. These are some of the things that you must have faced when you failed in an exam.

1. Arey Beta….it happens (Fake concern from evil relatives)

maxresdefault10There are always some relatives who would try to poke their nose into your matters. Those who don’t even visit you for years, they will definitely be there when you fail an exam. They grab this opportunity to bomb their indirect heavy taunts which were stored in their mind for years. They are the ones who try to pretend that they care for you more than your own parents, but you know their intentions very well. You would feel like asking them to get lost but unfortunately you have to bow down and say yes to everything they say.

2. Comparison with geek cousins

maxresdefault (11)Cousins seem monstrous at this moment. Your parents are definitely going to taunt by comparing you with your studious cousins. It is the conspiracy of God that when you fail, there is always someone who nailed it. You can’t even tell your parents that you don’t even want to become like them ever in your life. You can’t hate anybody more at this time than your cousins.

3. The joy of knowing that a friend also failed

3A true friend never leaves you alone, not even in a situation like this. There can’t be anything more relaxing than hearing that a friend of yours has also failed. When there are some bloody geek cousins, then there is someone who rescues you always and that is your true friend. You would certainly feel that you have got a real friend who will be accompanying you next year also in the same class.

4. Cursing the friends who passed

4There are some friends too whom you would feel have stabbed you in the back (remember 3 idiots). Those friends will be the ones you will curse the most. You will also curse the examiner for being partial for passing your friend and not you. Failure would seem like a test that will tell you who your true friends are.

5. Tons of advice

14062273903f558-original-1“Oh! I heard you failed. I got 80%.” These kind of things make you feel like shit. Then there will be a rain of advice over you. ”Beta why don’t you do this or do that”

6. Consoling yourself with liquor

maxresdefault (10)When no one is there, liquor is your best friend. This seems to be the only thing that can help you forget the taunts that you get to hear the whole day. For a few days this is the thing that is going to contribute in overcoming your trauma.

7. “Sab moh maya hai!”

maxresdefault (9)You might be grounded to home too. Your cell phone will be taken away and you are no longer connected with the social world of fun. You would be made to believe that everything other than your studies doesn’t count. But this thought is not going to last for more than even a week!

But after all this life will never stop…..lets move on now.

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