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7 Reasons why Game of Thrones cannot be made in India

Game of thrones has just completed its 5th season. One of the most popular TV series is full of sex, blood and plots but still there are some other things which make it particularly western. Below are some facts and reasons that will make you believe that it cannot be a part of any Indian TV channels.

1. Scissors of censorship

GOTCensorship in India sometimes turns out to be the biggest obstacle in the freedom of speech and creativity. In the name of saving the unity, integrity and spiritual beliefs of India, the board always land in cutting the creativity. So according to this, no more show off baby, the night is still dark but not full of hot scenes.

2. Only 10…..no way

1280x720-ndEGame of thrones came up with only 50 episodes so far since 2011……not acceptable in India. Game of thrones is just on 50, desi serials are close to 2000. Next month Balika Vadhu will cross its 2000 mark. 10 in a year is just not our India channels’ cup of tea. Indians cannot be satisfied with such number of episodes.

3. Tons of actors

GOT4Indian TV serials just need two families to make hundreds of episodes. On the other hand, GoT has almost 50 main actors and more than 1000 extras and all of them cannot fit in one scene. But Indian TV demands the presence of everyone in the house. Even marriages keep happening between these two families.

4. Power of one

GOT 5One director, one writer and one dhoom ta na na music director and Ekta Kapoor are enough for Indian TV serials. Apart from its huge cast, GoT has 18 directors and 7 writers working on it. Game of thrones is just not one man show and clearly it lacks dhoom ta na na and melo-drama of the Indian daily soaps.

5. Home sweet home

GOT locationsIndians can shoot in one house for years, but GoT is special. It is filmed in a Belfast studio and on location elsewhere in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco, Spain, Malta, Scotland, and the United States. In Indian daily soaps one house, one village or city is enough for hundreds of episodes.

6. Where is the heroine?

GOT6We Indians demand a heroine for our serials. The heroine should be ideal, sacrificing, innocent and crying most of the times. GoT clearly lack this phenomenon called one protagonist. John snow is also dead now so who is going to be our protagonist. For Indian audience, this seems unacceptable.

7. No returns

1400949027083cb-original-1For us death is just a part of life, anyone can return after death. Actors take at least two rebirths. But in GoT if one is dead then he or she is dead and definitely not coming back. (Bechari stark family)
So dear Indian TV channels, we know you can’t make another GoT. But, atleast give something better to watch.

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