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10 things that shows if cofee is dangerous or good for health

For All Cofee Lovers,  the love for coffee is not new. Coffee has been one of our favourite drinks since ancient times. Today, the use of coffee has increased to a considerable extent and has given a boost to the cafe business. A lot of debates and discussions have gone into the thought of the effects of coffee on our health. Let’s find out if coffee is really too dangerous for us or does it has something good to it too.

1. Gain on memory

Coffee is said to prevent cognitive decline, especially in women. Research has found out that women, who consumed 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day, did better on memory tests than those who didn’t devour coffee. So, for ladies who are around 40 years of age, coffee can be a way to prove you mentally young and strong on memory.

2. Loss of bone density

Fresh Frothy Coffee.

People who drink black coffee or espresso are feared to develop osteoporosis. Coffee speeds up the urination cycle and as we know, calcium is lost through urine. Long-term intake of coffee may lead to weaker bones in later stages of life. A good amount of milk if supplemented with coffee, might help to prevent this particular side effect to some extent.

3. Preventing constipation

Constipation is a very common problem and coffee is a very good cure for it. Coffee helps the body to absorb important nutrients properly which in turn triggers better digestion. Thus, coffee helps to avoid constipation and gives you a better digestive system.

4. Ulcers and acidity

The acids found in coffee beans may cause the inner lining of your stomach and small intestine to get irritated and lead to increased gastric problems leading to stomach ulcers and acidity. In the long run, this can prove to be quite dangerous especially for the ones who take in coffee as the first thing to do in the morning.

5. Pain reliever

coffeeCoffee is said to act as a pain reliever for muscles. Caffeine is actually quite helpful in pain endurance and works better than other soreness and pain reducing chemical drugs. Coffee would be a better choice to have as a painkiller when your muscles trouble you after the gym.

6. Dull skin

Though coffee claims to keep you away from skin cancer, yet it makes your skin not too attractive. Coffee has certain chemicals which steal the glow on your skin and makes it dull. You may as well develop a layer of dark and burnt skin over your lips because of increased consumption of coffee.

7. Better sex

Well, coffee does magic sometimes but only in moderate quantities. This works for both men and women. Judicious consumption of coffee helps to spice up your sex life and increase the excitement levels in men and women. It is equally helpful in getting you into the mood.

8. Sluggish behaviour

Though coffee is usually linked with alertness, yet, studies show that coffee intake actually makes you sluggish and sleepy. Avoiding coffee intake to increase sleeplessness and work longer is certainly not a good idea. The regulative effect of coffee is such that it may help you to stay awake but definitely keeps you away from staying active.

9. Curbing depression

Psychological problems are on a rise in the modern era. During such times, coffee comes as a saviour. Coffee might seem to have a lot of negative impacts on your body but it is indeed an anti-depressant for your mind. With this inverse relationship between coffee intake and depressive symptoms, heavy coffee drinkers have the lowest risk of developing depression.

10. Increased anxiety

Coffee might not give you alertness but it showers anxiety to a great extent on its consumer. This anxiety is quite harmful if a person is prone to heart diseases. A possibility of getting a heart-attack due to heavy consumption of coffee is obvious. This is the reason that pregnant women are advised to avoid coffee as much as possible.

Coffee, in the modern world, has become quite essential due to its anti –depressant properties, yet an uncontrolled intake of the same might prove harmful for your health. So, the next time you go in to sip that brown bean, think about the things coffee can do to you.

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