And so the fuss has begun. Modi’s latest reform to urge the rich to give up their subsidy took all of us by surprise. Never has any prime minister appealed to the masses so freely to contribute in the development of the country as Modi did in his first year. Many have gladly accepted his proposition but many still speculate his intentions. Recently, some well-known actresses openly criticised Modi’s “mode of operation” by stating their views on social networking sites. Some called him “selfie obsessed PM” and some challenged his way of governance. But what about the common masses? Is Modi really the perfect prime minister we expect him to be or is it a mere result of his “ache din” that have ascended him in the eyes of the “aamjanta”? Here are some of my views but I would leave it completely on the reader’s discretion to measure his actions on the balance of one’s reason and understanding.

Restored the Faith in Government

NamoWhen Modi ascended his throne of prime minister on may 26th 2014 he not only took the daunting task of contending a country with population of 2 billion but also of restoring the faith of a population that has largely been oppressed and crushed under a fraudulent ministry of scams for many years. I believe the best thing that he has done and which others failed to do was restoring this faith. Well connected to the common masses he gave Indians a ray of hope in the alias “Ache din”. Concomitantly the sensex went up, and the oil prices went down. But was this the influence of his exercises? No, the reduction in the oil prices and low inflation were a consequence of the depreciating foreign market but fortunately it took place the same time he took his office. Nevertheless we saw him as a game changer. Already instilled with the memoirs of development in his constituency Gujarat, his moves facilitated advancement only in the positive direction. Call it a discrepancy of the mind but it gave us what we were lacking for a very long time – motivation.

Connect with Masses

pm-narendra-modis-mann-ki-baatUnlike our previous prime ministers Modi’s connected to the Indian masses more intimately. With his speeches on All India Radio under the programme “Mann ki Baat” he has been able to spread his messages even to places lacking the luxury of a television. This gives him even a wider platform to disseminate his ideas from anywhere to everywhere, from rural to urban. It is pretence, the opposition says to gain social acceptance but till now this relationship has proven to be symbiotic.

Make in India

make-in-india-big-image-3_1411810514_1411810524Then comes the most acclaimed possession from his closet – “Make in India” campaign. Aiming to boost the GDP of the country to a 7.2% by the end of his five year tenure surpassing China, this was also the main object of attraction in this year’s Republic day parade. Aspiring to make India a superpower this campaign aims at stabilising the financial status of the nation through foreign direct investment. According to Modi this will not only create numerous employment opportunities for the youth of the country but will also hike India’s GDP from a mere 5.5% to 6.2% this year if things go as planned.

Public Welfare through Jan Dhan Yojana

jan-dhan-yojna-progress-amidst-concerns-1024x597Not only this, recently he also carried out his “Jan Dhan Yojana” initiative to facilitate the systematic efficiency of the government. This move will provide many families with social security and encourage them to save money for the future purpose. But still some of his plans needs reconsideration before implementation like “The Land Acquisition Bill”. Through this bill, some might have yielded an opinion that he has a special proclivity towards industrial development and holds a feeling of negligence towards farmers. Also his plan to modernise various cities of the country as smart cities overlooking the fact that the investment should first be done in places where is required urgently like farming, eradicating poverty etc. It is after these have been accomplished that one should aspire further. Why anticipate these cities to become Indian Hong kong’s when they should first be India’s Gujarat?

International Yoga Day and Selfie With Daughter

india4Nevertheless coming to his last but not the least recent events- “The Yoga Day” and “The Selfie with Daughter Day”. I believe that if one aims to ameliorate the world, one should ameliorate itself first. Rome wasn’t built in a day and so is the case with us. It would take a lot of effort and self-discipline to bring about the change we desire to observe in our surroundings. This was the main idea behind advertising yoga. For years now we know, thanks to Ramdev Baba, that yoga brings about positivity and a positive mind produces positive results. This is why Mr Modi emphasises immensely on practising yoga. Again this move was criticised but in my opinion even if something like this is done to gain popularity but if it promises substantial results then it should be endorsed. Same goes with the other initiative.

Selfie with Daughter campaign was only done to spread awareness about gender equality amongst the masses. Fathers or the male chauvinists who have long been condemned for their role in female infanticides for the first time openly announced their love for their daughters. If this does not send a message to the societies still exercising this horrid practise then we don’t know what will. Maybe this will bring about a positive change or may be this will not. But if things as humble as these aim at bringing about a change in the society without any initial investment or infrastructure then there is no harm in exercising them for once.

Swachch BharatHence to conclude we don’t know what goes in the mind of our honourable prime minister, whether his actions are an execution of a plotted vaudeville or does he really means to do what he says he means to do. This question is polemical and only the future knows what is going to become of the present. Seems ironic doesn’t it? With this I would leave our readers to ponder over the very question we asked first- is Modi the perfect prime minister?

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