If India gets Independence today!

We all must be aware of events that led to and followed the Independence of India.  It has been sixty-eight years since then and India has seen a steep growth in the field of information and technology. Our politics though has slumped. Let us for once imagine events of 1947 happening in today’s time. How different things would have worked out?

If British Parliament then worked like Indian parliament today

PARDisruptions, adjournments, shouting in the well, going topless- if such was the scene in the British Parliament in 1947, we would have been left wanting for freedom even today. Independence of India was guaranteed by the Indian Independence Act 1947 passed by the British parliament which received the royal assent on 18 July 1947. Ironically, the Indian parliament works pretty much the same way as the British parliament but thank god the British parliament in 1947 didn’t work like Indian parliament in 2015 or the Indian Independence Bill would still be waiting to be converted into an act.

If Arnab, and not Mountbatten, mediated between Jinnah and Nehru

Arnab Goswami

It would have been the debate of the millennium! More of it, if it were broadcasted on prime time! Imagine Arnab trolling Jinnah like he does it to Sanjay Jha today. “Mr Jinnah Never Ever, Ever Ever, Ever…”- this line if said it in the context of stopping Jinnah in propagating his two nation theory would have been much more significant globally than even Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”, for one thing is certain- if Arnab would have done it in his way, there was no chance of Pakistan’s existence today. Although in fantasy, even Arnab has a silver lining. Doesn’t he?

Cricket Diplomacy over Kashmir

DNA-Cover-Issue-76Just two months after they got independence, India and Pakistan went into a war, also known as First Kashmir War. It lasted for more than a year, killing around eight thousand soldier’s on both sides. Both countries have since been at loggerheads over the issue of Kashmir and many lives have been lost since then. Only if better sense had prevailed over the leaders of the transgressing nation in 1947 and they would have resorted to having a cricket match to assert their supremacy, many lives would have been saved. Also, if the teams playing were from 2015, Kashmir would have remained with India.

The 1947 troll war and not the horrendous genocide

maxresdefault (8)Lastly, one could only think of ways how the massacre that followed the partition could have been avoided. Well, I wish the murderers of 1947 were replaced by internet trolls of 2015 (Yes, after Arnab I am seeing a silver lining in the internet trolls. I am at my optimist best!). Had it been such, the jerk-heads would have stayed home (to have internet connectivity) and at max they could have trolled a few renowned people of the other community or trended a few stupid hashtags but that  still sounds like a Hawaiian holiday against what actually happened in 1947. Seems like internet trolls are not the worst people after all!

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