8 Things A Girl Notices Before Dating A Guy

I know you are reading this now because, admit it, every man in this world wants to know the female psychology! What is the game that women play? What do they want? What do they not want? Every question is hopefully mentioned in this listicle! But let me announce a disclaimer before, consider this as a helpline rather than a rulebook. All the girls are different and so are you!

1. Your Voice

man-with-microphoneYou know what is really sexy? A voice which is heavy, husky and seductive at the same time. Imagine talking to a guy like that all day! And the very first thing that a girl will notice, will be the different things associated to your voice. Things like accent, pick up lines, pitch, tone and all that technical jargon.
The voice is a major turn on that women deals with. It is an instant estrogen charger!

2. Your Smile

Smiling-Man-5You might have the sexiest voice on this earth, but if you have a warm, bright smile, then it acts like the sweetest cherry on top of the perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you have the power us to convince us with that charming smile of yours, then you have got yourself a date my friend!

3. Why are you taking her out on a date specifically?

maxresdefault (7)This is a question I ask every time before I go on a date. I would show my ecstatic (fake) interest and ask sweetly, “Why me?” And trust me! It is just not me who does this! Every girl in the world does this! If you can answer perfectly to that question, you have nailed it, bro!

4. Your behaviour with strangers

waitress-handing-plates-to-coupleA girl will scan your inner and outer personality just for a date! (Yes, we are genetically born with detective traits) We will contact your best friend, their common friends, your ex, ex’s ex, mother, father, acquaintances and every possible source to know about you. But the real deal lies in do you whistle to call someone or politely say excuse me!

5. What do you do in your free time?

man-working-on-laptop-dreamstime_7728015Hobbies play a very important role in deciding whether the guy is dateable or not! Suppose, you hate football to the core, and he loves football and can’t stand on the fact that you don’t even know Messi! (football is awesome and so is Messi)
A girl will always assume you to have weird guilty pleasures and fetishes. A girl can’t risk that. Society has already killed more dreams of ours, a date would be the last plan!

6. The Porch Theory

Barney-and-Penelope-how-i-met-your-mother-1185995_1280_720If you are a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fan, you would definitely understand what I mean. Lilly had this theory for Ted. If the girl fits her imagination, where they are 70 and sitting in a Porch with English Tea and Muffin, then she is the one. The very same is with girls, no matter how much she denies the fact that she doesn’t believe in going too fast, she is actually imagining you holding flowers for her, and then straight transition to holding a baby!
What I do is imagine the guy make breakfast for me! Come on, food is sexy!

7. Sex

black-in-white-couple-hd-wallpaperNow that we have your eyes on this, let me explain. A girl is always raised with the thought that any guy can rape her, or just go on for sexual favours. Which is true to a quite an extent nowadays. But a girl would actually enquire you on how safe can she feel with you sexually? Are you a BDSM enthusiast? Do you like romantic or action? May sound gross to some, but this is a true fact!

8. What are your plans?

Couple fighting young woman about to cry
Couple fighting young woman about to cry

This is an elaborate question and has many aspects associated to it. What are your future plans? What would you like to do when you grow old? What do you think about the future you have with her? What are you working on? What is your cool quotient? What makes you, well YOU? We need every detail!

So here we go, the list to a healthy and happy dating! (Hopefully!) We girls want to know what you think is necessary for dating a guy? Please do not take this as a rule book, if you want a complete guide, let us know and we will come to the rescue.

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