What If Lalu Prasad Yadav become PM of India

It was an occasion celebrated with rifle fires and Bollywood item numbers at almost every crossroad of the country after Lalu Prasad Yadav took oath as the new Prime Minister of India along with his cabinet of 420 ministers. With the largest cabinet ever in the world, Lalu has also set a record by inviting more than 300 portfolios to accommodate his army of ministers which largely comprises of his wife, daughters, sons, brother-in-laws, son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, in-laws of brothers of son-in-laws, so on and so forth.

India's RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav speaks in PatnaThe strength of the cabinet and distribution of portfolios had been a topic of discussion and speculations not only in the prime-time debates, but also at the omnipresent paan-shops, which were the epicenter of his blitzkrieg campaign- Khaini pe Charcha. But quiet to the amazement of all political pundits who had cast no doubt about the Home Ministry belonging to Rabri Devi, Lalu kept the portfolio for himself making Rabri the new HRD Minister of India. Later in the evening the RJD issued a statement saying, Lalu‟s decision was because of his lifelong experience with Rabri running the Home.

However, the students went into celebration as soon as Rabri took office as the HRD Minister. No sooner she sat on her table, an order was passed by the ministry that board exams would no longer remain individualistic tests but become a group exercise where students would be allowed to help each other in their answer sheets. By evening NCERT also announced to publish Solved Papers of “next‟ five years, to help the students in preparing for their board exams.

GANDHI-MAIDAN-Me-PARIWARTAN-RALLYME-LALOO-PRASAD-AND-RABRI-DEVIOn the other hand, Lalu, after assuming office, received congratulations from world leaders including US President El Chapo who stated, “I congratulate Mr. Lalu Yadav and wish him all the best. We share similar history where we had to face the ordeal of an unjustifiably moralistic court of law. But now as the world has taken a flip-turn, I hope India and America can together prove to the world that it was the previous age which was the darker one.”

Even as the world was celebrating and pouring in wishes for India‟s new Prime Minister, Pakistan, as always, was whining about the threat India‟s new government posed to its national security. Maulana Fazlullah, the Prime Minister of the Taliban ruled Pakistan issued a statement in the evening, “If Prime Minister Lalu is thinking that he can threaten us by appointing Pappu Yadav as Defense Minister, he is grossly mistaken. He should not forget that Pappu is just a small time goon and we are the Talibs.”

Notwithstanding such threats and the challenges he might face in future, PM Lalu declared a national celebration for one week during which, liquor shops will open 24×7, all law enforcement agencies including the police would be kept off duty and the tricolor will be hoisted upside down.


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