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Should We Adopt One Child Policy In India?

The 2011 census report stats show that India has a population of more than 1.2 billion and it is increasing day by day. Our nation is in an urgent need of population control and it’s definitely high time to act. So now the question arises “Do the Indian citizens consider it a smart choice to adopt one child policy (OCP)?” If Indians will have the law which allow only one child per family, will it control population to a decent level and get some breathing space back into our country? The rapid population growth has put adverse effects on our country. But we can’t call population the grandmother of all the evils. Here are 5 reasons that suggest our opinion on One Child Policy

1. Initiates Imbalance in Sex Ratio

girl-child (1)Implementing one child policy will raise the dangerous effect the sex ratio. India is already suffering from poor sex ratio. If parents will be forced to have just one baby, then obviously everyone will prefer having a baby boy because they’ll become the bread earner of the family in the future years and as a result, drastic downfall in girls sex ratio will be found. A time will come when man will not be able to find wives. Can we afford that? A big NO.

2. Rural Phenomenon

IMAG2303Overpopulation in India is the rural phenomenon, not the urban one. In urban areas, very few people have the large family because they realise how hard people work to raise their kids. These people are doing everything to keep its population from exploding. The rural Indian need to acquire proper education and awareness about the threats of rising population.

3. Demographic Dividend

flash-mob1It is the only one advantage that India has over China. If One Child Policy is implemented we’ll probably lose it in the long run. In Japan and China aging population is a burden. Yet, in India we have a wide population of youth to work for better India and increase per capita income.

4. Agrarian Economy

maxresdefault (4)In India, agricultural methods are labour intensive. Hence the need for farmers to produce more kids, which in turn help them in their income and add to GDP of India. By adopting One Child Policy, India would be kicking its own feet as it reduces the number of young energetic workers drastically.

5. Violations

lalu-prasad--1_650_112914100321People could argue that we are going against the law of nature. Such policy envisaged for India could invite other problems, crimes like forced abortions, child infanticide, female feticide, etc. Our own dear political leaders (Laalu Prasad Yadav) are not concerned of overpopulation, they’re the people having football team at home.

From the above discussion, everyone can simply understand that only adopting One Child Policy is not a strong solution to have control on population. A few injunctions can be made like those having children more than the stipulated number would then have to pay heavy fine to the government. Along with it we can also launch awareness programmes, counselling, etc. rather than forcing them to follow evil practises like abortions and undemocratic approaches.

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