10 most common things about the Big Fat North Indian Wedding

Indian wedding culture is quite popular all over the world. Today, even foreigners want their wedding to be planned as per Indian traditions. Wedding in India is a grand affair and if someone’s getting married in North India, the charm of the event gets doubled. So, what makes a North Indian wedding special and distinctive? Let’s find out!

1. Five Days Long Party

Iski-Uski-2-States-Image-3-Celebrations start from the day the wedding date is decided and the wedding itself lasts for five days or more. The fun part about the wedding lies in the reunion of the entire family and the five days spent are indeed an extended party for the entire household.

2. Loud Music

London_Thumkda (1)Loud music is not just played to a party, but it is a signal for the neighbourhood that the house is having a grand wedding. Flashy lights and high on beat songs are like the compulsory guests of the wedding. Music is not just electronic at such affairs. Playing ‘Dhol’ and singing folk songs is another mark of a North Indian wedding.

3. Innumerable Rituals

Wedding rituals are never-ending and with the marriage ceremony taking place in the northern part of the country, these little events become even more happening. The traditional beliefs attached with these are quite logical if pondered upon a little intensely.

4. Shiny Dresses

wedding_girls_indian_reception_nashvilleOk, so the major attraction during a wedding is the dressing style of the ladies. Bright and shiny clothes, heavy jewellery and high heels are probably the most important things during a wedding for everyone, except the bride and the groom of course.

5. Expensive Gifts

maxresdefault (2)The costlier the gifts, the more they need to be showed off. They say that Indians have a big heart and there is no holding back when it comes to spending on such celebrations. Not only the gifts are worth the expenses but the decorations are also extravagant.

6. Delectable Food

Food-Tasting-londonThe only thing that people remember about a wedding is the food being served at the same. The buffet goes on throughout the five days and the food being served is oily, spicy and everything that describes a heavy Indian meal.

7. Alcohol

maxresdefault (3)At some Indian weddings, the use of alcohol is considered impure. But when it comes to a wedding of the north, well rules are meant to be broken for some crazy reason. The great Indian wedding is incomplete without the effects of alcohol on the guests especially the younger lot.

8. Tapping Feet

MG_1446Alcohol consumption is done for a purpose and the purpose is dancing. The famous ‘nagin’ dance is the highlight of the occasion and the chachas and mamas don’t lag behind in giving their best Nagin dance performances on the dance floor.

9. Diverse Relatives

941At an Indian wedding, you will see a whole set of relatives with different mindsets and ideologies. Some of them need extra attention of the hosts while others are too jolly to be counted as guests. The diversity of relatives and their personalities is what makes a wedding interesting and enjoyable.

10. The Selfie Movement

img-20150215-wa0020The selfie season is here and weddings are the best time to click some awesome selfies. No party, function or event is complete without a few selfies today so how can a marriage celebration go boring and usual without it? With everyone being all dressed and decked up, at an Indian profligate wedding, ‘selfie to banti hai’.
Weddings can be a small and compact celebration but when celebrated in such a splendid way, the joys it brings to everyone become twofold. So, if you have a wedding coming up at your house, try relating your surroundings with the above description, and you’ll surely have a relatable smile on your face.

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