What do your zodiac signs reveal about your career choice?

It has been rightly said that stars make you half of what you are. Zodiac signs have a great impact on our personality build-up. A bit of genetics, a few environmental influences and a tinge of the part of the sky you belong to are the classic ingredients of a human character. So, what do your zodiac signs have to say about your career and what role do they play in making such choices?


aries1Aries is a sign which longs for power, position and authority. They are highly impatient in character and want things to be done their way. People with this sign are mostly inclined towards government positions, the education sector and defence so as to get that thirst for power quenched.


taurus_800x600-800x600People having Taurus as their sun sign are very practical in their approach to things and life as a whole. They do not take any decisions in haste, unlike people with Aries and have a plan for everything they do which makes them quite methodical as well. Careers like law and corporate sector attract them to make logical choices and avoid emotional interferences.


GEMINI1Gemini finds it difficult to stay stable with just one job throughout their life. They do not belong to the ‘9 to 5’ category of people yet, they are efficient in multi-tasking. They need variety and excitement in their life to keep them up and charged all along. For this, they mostly get into creative careers and marketing sectors wherein they get to meet and know new people every day.


CANCER1Cancer is a very caring and emotionally vulnerable zodiac sign. They like helping anyone and everyone possible. These people are also quite tied to their roots which make them nostalgic as well. Such individuals have career inclinations towards social work, nursing, hospitality, etc. Their love for the world of the past sometimes lands them in archaeology and historical research work.


Leo_800x600-800x600Leo is ruled by the Sun which makes it a great leader. Leadership qualities and authoritativeness are a major trait of people with this sign. This is the reason they usually choose roles and careers which give them great power. Also, they have a tendency to do everything in a grand manner so as to show it off to the world later. Thus, they do great in the field of glamour, entertainment, government sectors, politics and the like.


virgo_800x600-800x600Virgo likes to go to every inch of whatever it is into doing. They have an affinity towards detailing and gaining knowledge about everything to the core. This is why they get best suited in jobs which involve intense research and analysis. They can also excel in artistic fields of painting and sculpting which are again detail-oriented. Perfection to the innermost depth is one of their exclusive talents.


LibraLibra is a sociable sign. It gets along with other signs quite well and knows the tactics of winning and manipulating people. Therefore, people with this sign are quite diplomatic in life. This actually helps them in pursuing careers like public relations. Libra is known for maintaining balance in whatever they do and this is the reason that they are good in making judgements. Law and judging are other sectors that can work for them.


ScorpioThis sign is quite intuitive. Sensing if anything is going wrong is a plus to their character. They do great if they take up careers involving investigations like that of a detective. They are also very analytical about people and situations and take decisions only after analysing them properly. Legal sector and politics are good career choices for them.


SagitteriousSagittarius is a go-getter sign. They are very responsive and spontaneous. They live life at the moment and make the most out of it. Travel jobs excite them while their inclination towards spirituality makes them exceptional among the other signs. The urge to do something new and exciting is in a hyper state in them. Public relations and human resource management are their major career choices apart from travel.


CapricornThe sign of strict discipline and organised character, Capricorn, is a planner. People with this sign are very punctual about the work they do and have serious dedication towards the same. They are good in leadership which draws them towards corporate authority. Science is another field which deals with facts and practicality which a logical Capricorn appreciates to the core.


Aquarius-Zodiac-Kagaya-Yutaka-Fantasy-Art-ZodiacAquarius is an independent sign. They believe in creating something new which also brings them closer to innovation. Science and technology and research work in the same area is a career choice which attracts them. They become good software developers and are always moved towards bringing new experiences to others. Their independent and self- reliability makes them great scientists of change.


12 - Pisces - Song Ngư [KAGAYA][the Zodiac]Compassion comes in flowing in the personas of people with this sign. They are extremely caring and want to work for the betterment of other people and the society as a whole. They respect human emotions and have an attractive capacity towards career like health care, social work and psychology. They are also very helpful and volunteer towards public welfare in whichever way possible.

Zodiac signs, though, do not decide the destiny of your career life but they contribute a little to the decisions you take towards fulfilling it. The career choices you make are affected by various other factors just as your sun sign which also plays a major role in framing your future.

Image Courtesy: Kagaya Arts

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