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9 Memories Of The 90’s Child

This post is going to be a dose of nostalgia for the ones who know what the decade of 90s was like. The era of freedom from the slavery of technology and its side effects was indeed a golden time. Here we recall some of the finest memories of the 90s!

1. Cartoon network legends

CartoonYes! We had a childhood before Shinchan and Doraemon were created. We had the cartoon network legends like Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, etc. Not to forget, the most lovable Indian characters like Chacha Chaudhary and Shaktiman. They were truly our heroes.

2. Marbles

391945-marbles-wallpaperChildren of the 90s were in no way ‘Tv buffs’ and no other video game could be at par with the pleasures of playing marbles in muddy grounds. Some people still have marbles in their closet as a warm memory of their childhood.

3. Brick Game on Handheld Devices

Brick Game handheld (1)For those who only know about GTA and FIFA, Brick Game was the most sought after game of all times if the 90s child had to get any closer to playing a video game other than the evergreen ‘Mario’ and the 90s child would be rightfully proud of spending his childhood saving Mario’s girlfriend.

4. Paper planes

Paper PlaneSo we are not just talking about usual ‘paper planes’. We are talking about the paper planes made out of old notebooks after the annual exams got over. The different designs of planes and how far could one plane reach was the major bet. Holidays had a different meaning back then.

5. Floppies and cassettes

CassetteThe one who had a floppy in hand was considered a techie who either owned a computer or knew how to operate one. Cassettes had the same value. Downloading songs illegally didn’t exist. If you liked an album or a song you had to be a proud owner of the cassette.

6. Cotton candy

cotton-candy-vera-reisKinderjoy was unknown to the 90s kid. Cotton candy in all sorts of colours was the major attraction for a child’s tongue. The bell from the vendor was a call from the junk food world and no calamity could stop a child from rushing out to buy this sweetener.

7. Ink pens

Ink PensToday kids own gel pens and even schools don’t recommend the use of ink pens anymore. But, the fragrance of Chelpark ink and the difficulty of filling it in the ink pens the night before school were great memories. The one who had a Chinese pen was on a higher level than the other kids who just had normal ink pens.

8. Telephone

3.-landline-telephoneSmartphones or for that matter, wireless phones were not a thing. In the late 90s though they were being used by rich elders but children had no idea about such gadgets. Telephones were prevalent and were used for time pass as well by dialling wrong numbers. Yes! No caller ids too!

9. WWF cards

3MB_Steele_Savage_Outback_JackIt was long before WWF was replaced by WWE. The wrestling cards had our favourite wrestling stars on them with their stats and having a card with Undertaker or Kane was a big thing to show off to the friends.

The memories of the 90s childhood are priceless. The technology-driven childhood of the Y2K era can never overpower the pleasures a child had in the 90s. We cannot bring that time back, but we can always get nostalgic by looking back and cherishing those memories.

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