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8 Things to do if your crush just had a break-up

The breakup of your crush is one of the most awaited things in one’s life. It certainly   triggers a joyous mood. Along with this elation and eagerness, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. Following are some tips to turn your crush into the lpartner.

1. Don’t let your happiness be revealed on your face

Shahid-kapoor04No matter how happy and excited you are, try to look calm. Looking glad might ruin the situation. You might feel that it is the best thing that has happened to you, but keep this feeling to yourself. Your crush should feel as if you are grieved as well.

2. Offer your shoulder to cry

jab_we_met_06Take the opportunity to impress your crush by giving your shoulder to cry. By doing so, you will get to spend some quality time with them. You might feel like asking your crush to stop it and move on with you but that would be the worst thing to do.

3. Act like Best Friends Forever

Jab-we-met-Kareena-KapoorKeep it in mind that it is not the time to confess your love. Try to act like best buddies. This is the right time to deepen your friendship get close but not like lovers. Try to distract your crush from their past by taking them out for movies or dinner. Make them forget about their ex at least for some time.

4. Don’t look too desperate

Your heart might be jumping with joy. But do not let this happiness over power your rationality. Behaving desperately should be the last thing to do in such a situation. You might end up even losing your friendship.

5. Listen to the ‘grief talks’

2Sometimes you might have a feeling of asking your crush to shut up and stop talking about their ex. Control your emotions and keep on listening and pretending that you are very much interested in such conversations. You might be bored or frustrated but keep going. You are on the right path.

6. Be sympathetic

Jab-We-Met-Movie-Direct-DownloadSympathy and emotional support is all that your crush would need at the moment. Keep telling them that you are there with them no matter what happens. But remember not to treat them like a child because they certainly have a mind of their own. Your sympathy might act like a catalyst in the process of your closeness.

7. Extra care and pampering

1280x720-2isExcess of everything is harmful. It is very much true in this case. Extra care and pampering is necessary but its excessive dose might be an issue. Your crush should not have a feeling that you are an opportunist, although you are. Spend a lot of time with your crush without showing your love.

8. Do not get friend-zoned

Jab we meet 4After putting so many efforts don’t get friend-zoned. Once you are friend zoned, there is no scope of getting over it in the future. At times, indirectly make your crush feel that you are the right person who can keep them happy. Make a move slowly. Do the opposite what the ex of crush used to do. Be smart and take this opportunity to impress your crush so that he/she is no longer your crush but your partner.

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