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7 Beautiful Skies of the World

Who doesn’t like to sit outside under the deep blue sky once in a while? It is probably the best relaxing agent which doesn’t cost a penny. There are a number of people who like to witness the beauty of our galaxy and capture most of it to be preserved as a sweet memory. Yes, the sky we stand beneath is the same throughout the world but there are some elements which make the roof of certain places quite interesting. Here we list a few such places which need a rendezvous once in a lifetime.

1. Norway

NorwayNorway lies close to the arctic with Svalbard as the island with the highest latitude. Therefore, the chances of getting to feel the charm of the northern lights, are at its peak in this region. Most people visit Svalbard to experience a very strange event called Polar Night when the sun doesn’t show up from mid-November until the end of January. The lighter the sky gets during this period, higher are the chances of the appearance of the northern lights.

2. Northern Canada

20121013_Melnyk_03Aurora Borealis is what this beauty is called. Northern lights, when beautifully spread over the sky, are also called Aurora Borealis and northern Canada is abundant in providing you the prolonged sight of this magical creation. Almost all parts of this region have a sky full of northern lights in pink, green, purple, blue and other mesmerising hues.

3. Leh, India

Lad-2At an altitude of around 5000 metres above the sea level on the way to Ladakh from Manali one can get to see the ultimate splendour of the silent vastness called the universe. Without a speck of pollution, this place gives you the real essence of the phrase ‘sleeping under the stars’. This is also the best place to capture star trail which is dependent on the density of stars in the sky and the earth’s rotation.

4. New Mexico

nightskyChaco Canyon National Park is probably the best place to star gaze, not only from the astronomic point of view but archaeologically as well. Star gazing is a delight in this region due to a special reason. The buildings in this area are constructed keeping the celestial events in mind and you can see how significant the night sky is for the people of this place.

5. Grand Canyon, Arizona

stars-looking-up-at-bottom-of-gcHuge rocky formations, negligible people around and a beautiful setting sun making everything sparkling crimson. This is the most sought after place in the world by travellers and seekers of amazing sunsets. Grand Canyon tops the charts in the list of beautiful sunsets around the globe.

6. Santorini, Greece 

santoriniSantorini is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations and it is not just the island that makes it demanding, but the exclusive sunset visible from this beautiful white step-architecture. The sky gets immensely beautified in the morning and evening with the sun brightening everything with its hues.

7. Maldives

MaldivesThe cluster islands of Maldives have been on the list of travellers for a long time just because of the dipping sun. The sky acquires all sorts of colours throughout the day. Maldives offer a lot more than just the scenic beauty and this is why it gets flooded with people from all over the world throughout the year. Sunset and sunrise skies make this destination even more desirable.
These 7 skies at the 7 most amazing destinations of the world certainly show how charming the sky can get and how happiness can be bought with just a backward tilt of the neck. Defying the popular saying, these skies truly prove that the sky is not the limit.

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