The Sound

The silence in the atmosphere was killing her. She had no clue what just happened here. All of sudden she felt that she has gone blind for a moment. She couldn’t utter a word. It took her long five minutes to speak up, ‘Is everybody okay?’ She couldn’t hear anyone responding. She asked again but this time with a higher volume of her voice. And then she heard… A faint cry in her very own car, which was standing on the roadside all covered in blood and dust.

She thought for a minute that she met with an accident. Maybe, it was the mini truck she was cursing a minute before for driving slow and in the middle of the road; it might have bumped into her car. But it wasn’t just her car. It was everywhere. Moreover, the road looked like a slaughter house. The human body remains and blood were all over the road. She opened her car door to take a view and accidently stepped on someone’s finger. She puked in the middle of the road.

‘The blast must have been on the main road’, she said to herself. She looked back and asked again, “Is everybody okay?” and a voice which she recognised said, “No!! My ears are hurt and Ayush is bleeding from his head. We need to rush to the hospital.” She gained her conscious and started the engine of the car which, to her surprise it was still working. The moment she put her car in back gear, she saw a small boy with one bleeding limb and head, sitting and crying in the midst of all dead bodies. She couldn’t resist his loud cry and was forced out of the car to help that kid.

The more she was getting close to that kid, the more difficult it was for her to look around. The kid was sitting near a body of a woman which made her torment to such a level that she couldn’t move a muscle. After a moment, she heard the kid say, “Mummy… Get up. Take me home. Get up. Please… get up.”

All her courage was gone.

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