The Silent face

She got late and was scared that she might not get the parking space in her building where she lives in her small studio apartment. She was cursing the traffic and was thinking to travel by metro from next day onwards. The moment she saw her building gate, she got all worked up and was almost about to hit the guard from her car. ‘Damn’, she exclaimed for herself. Thankfully, she got her parking space and it was easy to park the car there.

She almost ran to get into the elevator. “Finally!!” This time she exclaimed out loud. She was searching her apartment key all the way up in the elevator. But guess, she didn’t require it because the moment she came to her apartment’s front door she realized it was open.

He looked at her with a silent face and said, “hi! I just wanted to give you back the apartment keys and the balance amount, which I was supposed to pay you back.” Her face, which was shining like a full moon in the sky, was dull and expressionless now. She couldn’t utter a word; she was mesmerized with his beauty and poise but tarnished by his sentence. She wanted to stop him, but she knew she could not because it was her.

He was leaving, but he stopped and said, “You know, some people come into our lives to play a small part and make us learn a new lesson. Well, from you I learned how to stay focus on your work, how to stay in shape, how to socialize and how to make things look effortlessly sophisticated. And without you I learned how to cook for self, how to make your own bed, how to go on long drive alone, how to wait all night for you to finish your work, how to smile even if your heart is crying and lastly how to forget someone special in your life by living them.” He closed the door behind him with the last word.

That very moment she realized, she was alone and lonely in her own apartment.

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