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Safest places in India for Female Solo Travel

Travelling solo is an experience of a lifetime and women are not at all lagging behind in this sphere as well. Female solo travel is on a rise in India. It becomes very important then to mark the safest places in India for women so as to provide them with a pleasurable trip. Here we list the safest places in India for women to pass through while travelling alone.

1. Kasolkasol_kheerganga_travel_photographer_avnish_aditi_03Nestled in the beautiful Parvati Valley, Kasol is primary a travel escape for people from Israel, Germany and parts of Europe. The hippie culture is quite evident in this place but is not at all to be feared about. Kasol is a very safe place for women who are travelling solo. This can also be felt from the vibes that this place gives out.

  1. Ahemdabad

ahmedabadGujarat is a dry state but the people of this region are not as dry and rude. Ahemdabad provides a very safe atmosphere for women. Girls can even go out of the house in the middle of the night without getting any intimidating remark. Being a dry state, the number of drunkards is nil here and so is the crime rate.

  1. Leh – Ladakh

lehLadakh division of Jammu & Kashmir and especially Leh town are the safest place for solo woman travel in India. The people of this place are extremely nice and helpful and none tries to take any advantage of a tourist no matter what. The nearby areas like the divine lakes and passes are equally secure due to their management being in the hands of the Indian army.

  1. Hampi

hampiHampi is a world heritage site with the exotic ruins of the Vijaynagara Empire. Its location in Karnataka is all that is to be said about women safety here. With a very low rate of crime, this place also comes up as a famous tourist attraction and one of the most secure places for female solo travel.

  1. Sikkim

sikkimThe North-eastern state of Sikkim is a welcoming destination for female travellers. Being on the hilly side of the eastern part of India, this place has that safety effect of the hills. No insecurity whatsoever will arise in your mind while going places in and around Sikkim especially Gangtok. One can enjoy the serenity of this place without being interrupted by eve-teasers.

  1. Puducherry

PuducherryRuled as French India in earlier times, Puducherry is the safest Union Territory of India. Being under the French rule for a long time, Puducherry has developed a vintage culture which was actually quite safe for women in those times. Even today, this place has kept its chin up in preserving the dignity of not only its own women but solo female travellers as well.

  1. Jaisalmer

golden-look-sonar-fort-jaisalmerJaisalmer is a traveller’s definite destination to visit. The place is full of tourists all the time and you may even find other solo travellers in this area. The beautiful sand dunes, adventurous camel rides and amazing cultural evenings await you in Jaisalmer with a very safe surrounding.

  1. Udaipur

UdaipurThe land of lakes, Udaipur, is a major Indian tourist attraction and is therefore bound to possess a lot of tour guides. These tour guides are not too scary once you tell them in clear negation about your interaction with them. The city is pretty much crowded and with people all around, there is safety assured.

  1. Munnar

munnarThe Western Ghats have been beautified by this beautiful town of Kerala called Munnar. It is also called God’s own country or heaven because of the scenic pleasure it provides to the eyes of the traveller. Being a hilly area, crime rate is less in this region due to climatic difficulties and rowdiness of the terrain. This is why Munnar has made its position in the safest places for female solo travel.

  1. Nainital

Nainital-9045_2Nainital is a paradise for solo travellers so as to experience immense relaxation and peace. This is why many female solo travellers are now marking this hill station in their visiting list. The higher reaches of Uttrakhand are extremely safe for women with very helpful and generous people.

The above mentioned places should definitely be on the list of a solo female traveller who wants to experience the magnificent beauty that is India without any unwanted hindrances and negative impressions.

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