My Blue Terrace

After almost a year’s gap when I went back to my hometown, it seemed different. By different I mean a good different, the road looked cleaner, bus stop seemed hassle free, and there were new shopping malls with some high end branded products being sold in the glassed shops. Almost everything looked different, in a good way.

The moment I reached at the end of the lane where my house was I realized that my parents have changed the exterior paint colour of the entire house. I got out of the car and I was wondering, why they changed my white and blue house to brown? It used to look so elegant, so classy and now… It’s all brown!!’ With a sigh and a hope that the same might not have been done with the interior I went in. The moment I entered, the optimistic me was so depressed that I felt like crying. The interior was gone too. Looks like my parent did a refurbishing of the whole bungalow and I had a no clue of it.

After having a small conversation (which was more like a confrontation because of the paint job), I moved ahead to look at my room and my small little Blue Terrace. The Blue Terrace is a sacred place for me from where I can see the clear blue sky and could talk to the stars all night long. The blue terrace knows all my Break-ups and all my patch-ups. Never the less, it also knew how much I drank, smoke and also whom I miss the most. The only place in my home where I could be me without any filter applied. The moment I saw the door of the room I received a flashback of all the good and bad times spent in this room. I opened the door and to my surprise, my optimist side was almost jumping the air when it saw that the room was left unchanged. Every toy, every colour, every furniture I used was just as it is. I rushed into the room and lurched to my Blue terrace and it was just as I left it. All I could say was, “I missed you!”

I heard someone coming upstairs; it was my Dad. While standing on the door of my room he exclaimed, “We couldn’t change this room’s interior. Everything here had a bit of you…”

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