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Travelling makes you meet so many souls, you never knew existed!

Aaahh…so true and refreshing as it sounds, isn’t it??

The true travelers at heart can’t coin their love for traveling in words describing a year, months or days journey. They just feel like getting married to the road they have traversed till date. It has been wildly beautiful and blissful to say the very least. Their love for voyage and soul confrontation allow them to find ecstasy in small things that no one in common can understand, specially those addicted to the materialistic world. They can feel the sunshine resting its warmth on the back, on an empty beach outstretched with long teal grass, the scent of sand and sea waking up bones, in a town that is expanding inner light…or you can simply connect with the above statement speaking your heart out loud – I am in a state of utter gratitude i.e. I am an unique creation of Almighty! Following the same, the itchy wanderlusting feet ache of exploration, you can’t find a permanent home in any place, that in the positive way, will keep your travel niche alive forever and ever. You will always be in search of places that has guts to catch your breathe even just for a little while.


Meanwhile, never forget to say thanks to the God for riding beautiful waves along with you and those special friends who encourage you to travel more and kick your ass when you are at rest in order to bring something more productive out of you. Here’s to a life full of soul expansions and blissful explorations, within and without.

“Travel is a constant practice of moving, wandering and exploring. An obsessive state of both nostalgia and wanderlust. A delicate balance of holding on and letting go.”

It’s perpetually being homesick and daydreaming back to places that have changed us forever. It’s longing for those people who have struck chords within our souls, at the same time anticipating strangers we have yet to meet along the way. Travel can be a blessing or a curse, a voyage for new discoveries or an escape from brutal reality, a reward or consequence. It all depends.

So by all means, claim your birthright to travel. But choose mindful presence. Because here, there is no yearning, no maybes. Just the real essence and beauty of a brief moment in eternity. Only here and now will you ever feel completely home.

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