Infinite Satori you become……

Finding yourself is not an impossible task to perform. One day or the other, it’s always OKAY to walk out of your comfort zone and experience the scary. Without this, you will never pursue the grandeur of real ambition. The ambition of getting connecting with the real self. Following the same, leaving your home, city, country, friends, lovers and the cozy snug..everything is fine one day! How frightened you are inside, this is one secret no one knows when you take the very first step out of your homely chore. But, moving towards the unseen life and the true journey you will not just find adventure, love and freedom. More than anything, you find you.

Trekking down the course, you will find something new every single day. You will had amazing conversations with the strange faces about everything, anything and nothing. With some people, you will feel they are of the same wavelength and talk at the same frequency while with others it could end up with a single smile as greeting. The first few days, you may find ponderous and stodgy but thereafter, you will become a master to make everyday blossom for yourself. At times, you may feel falling and opened up too quickly and then not supposed to be in this world. But then it’s okay, and you have the other way out dealing with the situation by piling up belongings and travel to the next place! Isn’t it sounds exciting? You may or may not agree but for those who are hungry and once decided to get answer of one tricky question – ‘What is the purpose behind my existence?’ would surely not look back and complete the journey to become the Infinite Satori.

So, just memorize the name of people who touched your heart, see the goodness in them and move on before things get creepy for you. The other strong reason to forgive and accept – you are supposed to see thousands of more flesh, skins, and cities ahead. You have just started walking and have to be amazing throughout the ages ahead till you live. Its no harm approaching the people you find attractive and find something extraordinary. But, above all, never forget your ‘Quest to Life’. Alchemize everything you want and manifest into the life. For which, it is nothing tortuous. You have to just close your eyes, breathe every second of the present moment until your body turn into ashes and until the waves swallow your remnants….

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