Bohemian Trail

“Bohemian” the wiki defines – people who live unconventional and usually artistic lives! And this powerful word is defined by the true adventurers these days! So in-in-fashion! And truly I am in love with this now and the reason to fall in for; is the pursuit of passion for the serious service of art. The crave to wanderlust as an individual, following the alternative style of living expressing oneself with the art form hardly concerned about the socio-economic leverages of life.

Many among us are on continuous forage for ‘the similar kinds’. In short the like-minded people involved madly in music, art, painting, literature or just vagabonds. You can coin such people with the term cynical after hearing this sort of lifestyle you and me or many other people want to get in! But is it really the “cynical” one? Or it is just about getting introduced with the varied tastes of artistic people? In true sense, it is the second one!!!

Can you imagine how boring the world will become without art; no music, no dance, no literature, no wanderers around? The society may look after such Boho people as strange and different individuals but aren’t they the most productive ones? In the similar pretext, Boho’s can sit over in a coffee bar or a secluded hilltop for long hours simply with a paper and pen writing their own new story every day, using horizons of their imagination to the high end. Does it mean they are no more social junkies or humans, they don’t have any company, don’t have any friends and family?

They do have. But in a different way!

They love people, their own people, the new ones, but they love more of their own passion rather than indulging in another’s action/activity. Their passion is to express best of the art form and themselves true to the soul, heart and mind. Lifelong their first love become the serious service of art and the light-hearted service of love.

“Beyond Love and Intellect they refuse to go.”

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