The progeny and the Generations

It is common finding out the group of pretty gals blabbing and complaining; Oh god! Why you made me a gal! Why I have to lose milligrams of blood every month! Why it is with me only to attain puberty with changes! Noticeable changes!!! Every time I step out of my house, I become the favorite victim of Eve-teasing. Being a female, I need to be extra careful; careful about my dad’s behavior, aware about my surroundings, my brother, friends, male BFF’s, stranger, my boss, my colleague!
Casting couch, rape, molestation, eve teasing, derogatory comments, harassment…All these negative dictums have become so common. Who is responsible for raising voice for the same? Your husband, friend, brother…No one! Do you hear that? Yes, none other than you. Your male counterparts just can help you, sympathize you, give you a shoulder to cry upon, arms to lean upon. But, definitely not “the voice” to rise, roar and becoming the extreme one power!
Mind my words, if you really want to flaunt a guy, make your dad proud and make him realize your importance as being her the no-less son for him; don’t crib and cram over things. Be the feisty women. Don’t get trapped and get bullied- be the bull instead! You don’t really need to take extra wushu classes, or be the superwomen, copying kill bill heroic acts. The power should be expressed with every single word you speak, you express, your presentation. The submissive females who remained quite and cornered in their house walls till date, permitting their husbands to throw tantrums of being the super-male! Shut the fuck up and fight for your little gals. And you! The smart, proactive corporate leading ladies and representatives of the society! Everyone knows you are the extreme and rarest of the crowd. Definitely, you don’t need to speak loud anymore. You have proven your worth. Still, there is a lot to do. You are responsible for motivating other females out there unlike you who still fear and remain confined in their comfort zones.
The mind is the master power that molds and makes, you are Mind, and evermore you take; no less than a male, no less than any other being. You are the supreme soul, the leading lady, the ruling power and the enchanting beauty. You need not to fear your own fears. Resist getting succumbed in front of your envies. You are your own demon and the friend.
The lady, the giver and taker of life, the progeny and the generations!
Feel the power! Be your own spirit!

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