Solo Traveller…

Now-a-days it has become a trend to travel alone among Indians. Earlier I used to wonder looking at foreigners strolling in the street, park or at other tourist spots all alone; doesn’t matter what gender they belong to! Here’s why…

If I have got a second thought in my mind so as to get out of the homely environment for a time being living a hectic life juggling with family’s hue & cue, definitely it can be a reason for my next freak out! But yeah, solo travelling is the panacea I need so as to pamper myself, get to know myself. And I bet you people, solo travel is the best way to feel the ambiance you’re surrounded with. For this, one strong reason I would give is that I can experience everything without dealing with anyone else’s prejudices or tastes.

I don’t have to bother about my belongings, take care of someone’s likes or dislikes. I can alter my plans whenever I wish to. I don’t have to convince any friend or the travel partner for any plan. I don’t need to be the part of any group or two. Another important as well as interesting aspect of moving out alone is self agenda; the changes we welcome knowingly or unknowingly. And this change, I tell you my dear friend is the essence of life. You can relate with me I guess. Aren’t you???? See, suppose for next 10 years I’m going to speak same stuff with you, no alterations, no failures, without any win; you’ll tag me “moronic creature”.
Yeah… for me also like others out there, this thought was daunting at first. But, after getting set in the mode, the most important thing that I realized and cherish is self-discovery. Also, I’m more aware of surroundings as I get bound of being apprehensive of others when alone. Travelling alone is not just lolling on a beach alone, taking supper in 7-stars alone or visiting remote areas. For me it is all about travelling the road less traveled, sometimes to get lost, lost somewhere in the city, on the roads, with people, sucked in the thoughts, moving ahead knowing my flaws yet boosting and raising my spirit to get to the niche of my life.
Live! Let go! Love yourself! Enjoy to the hilt!


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