Malls – The Next Undestined Destination!

Festivals, ordinary days or any special event! Malls are the prior choice of common people to hang out…..

From Berwick Street of London, Chinatown Shopping Area of Bangkok, Shimla’s Mall Road, Connaught Place of Delhi, from Mumbai to Manali, Singapore to Switzerland; shopping in large malls is a year-round priority.
No doubt shopping centers are good. They are the direct statement of dizzying economic growth representing comfort, choice, luxury and better times teeming with outlets of Marks & Spencer, Gap, Starbucks, Bulgari, Cartier, Mont Blanc and many others. Moreover, they have become important landmarks or tourist destinations. Besides home, school, temples; malls have become the most natural places to be. Shopping, eateries, movies, dating whatever! All at one place.
My dissension is not about just malls! My main gripe is that – Are they really making us happy and contented?
Let’s keep shopping as the only reason to visit a mall aside, the large advertisements flashing on the walls of stores, 25% flat off, 40% off, or simply air conditioned aroma 24/7 during these days of scorching heat; is more than enough to attract people towards these large concrete blocks. And for shopaholics; little shopping and we always want to shop more! Our appetites always demand for having more chicken kebabs or pizza …or donuts!!
Even though these building blocks try to look as welcoming as possible; they play on human feelings of inadequacy and competitiveness. We must earn this much, we must consume this much, we lack something, or that everyone else has something we do not yet own. How can this constant flow of competitiveness bring us true joy? We could think of spending our weekends visiting a nearby waterfall, reading a novel, writing poetry, making music, taking a long walk, playing a game, dance or it can be anything…. Every spare piece of land gives us idea of building a mall instead of building libraries, theaters, art galleries, sports halls, public swimming pools, parks, animal sanctuaries or simply leaving the land alone to flourish as it will.
Doesn’t it show a poverty of imagination? Or simply this is the sole criterion to show one’s wellness?

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