Euthanasia Of Humans… Is it right?

It always remains a matter of concern somewhere in our mind – embrangled, coiled and clogged! What is about death or say intentional death? Crying in pain by simply just lying on the bed for extended years…is it going to nurture something good in our family lives? Or it can reduce the level of pain with which close kins are suffering seeing the patient sleeping on the death bed? Relieving one from the pain inside or outside or from any mental injury, emotional brawl, is it possible that any government can pass a law over certifying intentional death??? This is a question to give a thought mortals!

There are different laws in countries about euthanasia. Some say it is just a termination of life by doctor on the request of patient. Others, a way to the abate pain and suffering…..

Can anyone among us imagine ourselves with one foot in the grave for years and our kinfolks sobbing over with just a hope to regime complete set of humane senses?

On the counterpart if we go in history, Santhara and Prayopavesa were practiced by followers of Jainism and Hindu traditions respectively when one feels free that he/she has lived life to the fullest and now there is nothing to take more in this birth. Ending life by giving high doses of morphine as suggested by Mr. John Warren in mid-1800s or starving one’s body even before that; are no way different of setting high end examples of self-determination and contentment.

As if now, giving a strong thought to the topic we can’t agree to the term of EU-thanasia as good death; we should rather say – it is lengthening the dying process due to human intervention. Instead, prefer to press the push button to stop rather then gazing at the clock to render one human a death!

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