Things That Changes From Tween to Teen

Tween is the first stage of self-development followed by hormonal and physical changes in the teenage. A child between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between 8 to 12 years old are the teenagers and when he enters into the age group of 13-19, he’s called teenager. As the kids grow some developmental changes are being noticed which are strongly influenced by genetic factors and events. In pre-teen years, children start developing physical, cognitive, mental, emotional and social aspects in themselves.

Physical Changes:-Twins-0933

  1. Maturity: Girls acquire maturity early than the boys. In teenage girls and boys start developing and exploring sexual identity. Change in body structure, puberty, heavy voice(in boys), breast development(in girls), growing height, growing body and facial hairs, etc. are the changes being noticed by parents when their kids turn to grow old from Tween to Teen.
  2. Sexual bonding: This includes romantic relationships, or dating someone special of your life. They are mostly the intimate relationships. Boys and girls get attracted to their opposite sex. They sometimes go far beyond just being friends. In teenage, boys and girls have the desire to satisfy their sexual needs with the opposite sex. They like to cuddle, kiss, hug and make love.

Emotional Changes-right-and-wrong

  1. Sensitive Towards Emotions: Teenagers start understanding and respecting the feelings of other people may be it their family, friends, peer, siblings, etc.  While turning from Tween to Teen a child might turn to be more sensitive to emotions. Teenage girls/boys try to get emotionally attached with the people they’re comfortable with. Sometimes they can misread the facial expression, and conclude the matter accordingly. They may become irritated if they misinterpret any situation.
  2. Self-Conscious:  Teenagers start worrying more about their physical appearances like their reshaping their body, whitening their complexion, they become more conscious about their dressing sense, changing their hairstyles according to the trend, etc. In this age, they become fashion freaks. Their self-esteem is affected by their appearance. They feel more confident by their looks. They start comparing themselves more with the people of their age group.
  3. Shows Strong Feelings: A drastic change can be observed in the behaviour of children when they become teenagers. Many a times they show strong feelings and intense emotions. They become very moody. Sometimes they feel amazingly happening and sometimes so he’ll upset and sometimes their behaviour is really unpredictable. This is because of emotional ups and downs and just because of that they become violent creatures. In this age, they learn to behave and control their emotions. They are in a stage of thinking about after effects because they are sometimes so furious to understand and explain. Whereas in the early ages when they were Tween they didn’t show such emotions.

Social Changes-Mother and Daughter Talking

  1. Striving Freedom: Tweenagers always walk through the road that their parents show/guide them. Teenagers’ struggling for Independence is common. They desire to move only on the path they decide for themselves. Teenagers don’t like if someone try to instruct them. They try to explore new things and take new responsibilities.
  2. Acquire Rational Behaviour: Teenagers are likely to be thinking more about justice. They try to weight rights and wrongs. Whereas in young age children don’t do so. They are taught about the correct things by their parents. Teenagers observe more and put up queries about the right/wrong things going in their surroundings.
  3. Hunt New Experiences: Tweenagers always feel scared to take risks over their lives but when they become Teenagers they start developing control over their impulse. They feel so damn passionate and more adventurous. They engage themselves in more risk taking behaviour. They seek out new experiences which help the most in brain development.

Changes in Relationships-The-Duff-Robbie-Amell-Mae-Whitman

  1. Family Bonding: Growing from Tween to the teen a child undergo dramatic changes and shifts with their family and relatives. Maintaining strong bonds with family and friends is necessary for a child’s overall development. Parents should adopt different approaches to staying close with their kids.
  2. Shifts the Priority: Teenagers shifts their priority from family to friends. They start searching for their special someone out of society’s youth. They just get stuck to their computers and spend more time on social networking. They aren’t bothered about giving time to their own family yet make out time to date their special someone. Teenagers start getting into the habit of arguments and think more abstractly than their parents.
  3. Spend Less Time With Family: Tweenagers always get stuck with their parents but Teenagers like to spend more time with their friends and peer. They start choosing to go to disc parties with friends rather than attending any family function.

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