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10 Type of Music Lovers you can find around

We Indians are categorized as the sovereigns, the democratic republics, the offence diggers, the Delhi-ites, the Mumbaikars, Pahadis, Bengalis and other hundreds of categories based on the cast and creed we belong to.  But there are few more categories that we have which are self-believed, and one of these categories is Music.

We are the people who take Music way too seriously! And yes, we should, coz nothing is greater than the power of love and the bond over music. We are the Bollywood fanatics, no matter how much you detest Masala Movies (yes, the Dabanng type), “I don’t like any Bollywood music!” said nobody!

So we are going to list a few types of Music Deewanas, who make India, and build its Musical Lineage (and also annoy a few)

1. The Yo Yo Honeys

Yo Yo Honey SinghThese are the people who talk, walk and live Honey Singh. You will spot them with abruptly cut hair, baggy jeans, which almost falls off, a  metal chain hanging from their belt, and they will always show off their coolness with the Illuminati hand gesture. (By the way, that is a Jay-Z original)

2. The Arijitans

1404713257_latest-new-arijit-singh-photos (1)You exactly know what I am going to talk about when it comes to Arijit Singh. The new King of Romance, who can literally take you to the world where you and your S.O. are dancing in Switzerland, in between the Alps, and tall green grasses. And this situation also applies to those who haven’t found the one! Just imagine the power of Arijit Singh!

3 .The Nirahua Bhaiyas

NirhuaThe Bhojpuri fan base. We have a notion that this category is consisted autowallas, rickshawallas, but no my friend! You are dead wrong! Tell me you haven’t swiveled you hips to ‘Lollipop’ or tell me you haven’t given your highest Thumka to ‘Hatt Ja Tau’. Like they are made for a perfect Indian DJ night!

4. The Bhangra Badasses

diljit dosanjh wallpaper 2015 (5)Now, staying in the north makes it easy for you to understand what love for Bhangra means. Leave Bharatnatyam and Odissi aside, this is our national dance! Everybody can do, and everybody and shake a leg! Gippy Grewal, Jassi Gill, Diljit Dosanjh, they can perk up your mood anytime, every time.

5. The Metal Heads

Indian MetalheadThese are the people who have long hair, and if not, then more than one tattoos. Ask them rock and they know it all! They breathe Guns and Roses and worship AC/DC.

6. The Rabindra Laureates

Rabindra SangeetThis is the category, where all Bengalis and Nerds will relate too. You are not a Bengali if you don’t like Rabindra Sangeet! You are given the title ‘Illiterate’ or ‘Nyaka” if you are not the Rabindranath fan! But the fan was a great gem. #Respect.

7. The Reggae Raves

Bob MarleyThese are the ones who buy Bob Marley shirts from Sarojini, CP, Gariahat or any other flea markets and know nothing about Reggae at all! If asked, “Which is your favorite Reggae song?” they will merrily answer, “Don’t worry be Happy!”

8. The Raga Enthusiasts

ravishankar11Indian classical music is the hardest music to practice! Yes, that is a fact! The classical music does soothe you when you are low! And yes I would involve, Qawwali, Sufi, Folk as classical is a broad category.

9. The Anti-Bollywood

Ata-Majhi-VarunThese were mistakenly born in India. A conversation with them would lead you to think you are in a different land altogether. Let us put this down in a script. “Hey did you listen to Sooiyan from Guddu Rangeela? It’s nice, no?”

“Oh please! George Ezra and Blake Shelton are the best!” Now slow claps for them who relate Country and Folk Music with Bollywood! (clap…… clap….. clap)

10. Bollywood Bhakts!

AmitabhThese are the people who sleep with Amitabh Bachchan, walk with SRK, dance with Salman Khan and can beat down a poor soul if said Salman can’t act! And this is a category, which is relatable to every Indian! There is a Bollywood Buster in every soul of India! You can take an Indian out of Bollywood, but not Bollywood out of an Indian.

Those are the people, which we think exists in India in accordance to the choice of music. Which one of these are you?

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