8 favors that Indian woman need from Indian woman

The status of an Indian women has been always subjugated in the society for many great changes prevailed in the past few decade. From low points of equality with man in the medieval period to the eventful history of women and now the sharp feminine structure, such power ladies laid a great impact on others and their own lives. But, above all, what hurts the most is misunderstanding for an ‘X-X’ chromosome by an ‘X-X’ chromosome. It may sound strident at first but when we research to a great depth you will agree with the statement. Specifically, talking about an Indian Woman. How many of you agree you don’t like the lady lives right in your neighborhood? Every then and now she pokes you for the next party dress you brought..the male friends you commune with..or for the reason your mother still allow her to castigate you???

Here, the idea is not to focus on her public behavior or problem with the teen’s & young’s lifestyle. The main attention to be given is how responsible we as a woman are for other women in the Indian society. From the points lined up below, you can better relate with the needs we demand, request and please other women to understand us and then its replica..same applies for you!

  1. Oh, my ancient Mothers! Please help me to face this cruel world and educate me for the better reform.

2. Don’t look at me like this bitch! I have nothing outlandish. You have got a beautiful body as well, applaud for the same rather than wasting time on me.

3. I want your strong support, not sympathy. Are you getting me???

4. Please, Mumma! Save me, I am from your gene only.

5. Don’t accuse me of keeping Platonic relationships, I am hungry for Love like you do!

6. Aaaahhh! Instead of setting those eyes on me from 15 minutes, come and compliment me that would be better against these jealous eyes.

7. Please don’t teach me to laugh slowly, bow my head crossing by a crowdy road, cover my breasts making me feel shame about my own body…

8. We can become the best buddies, the day you stop bitching at my back and confront me with stone-hearted words.

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